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Olga Gál


About Olga Gál

"Her beautiful mixed-media paintings find the middle ground between art and illustration, providing the viewer with endless enjoyment and interest. In many of the artworks, Gal keeps her colours nicely muted and calmly toned, to create a soothing effect that beautifully emphasises the naturalistic elements of her work. She pays an incredible amount of attention to the anatomical details of the animals she represents, ensuring that each creature is skillfully and accurately captured. Her work has a peaceful feel to it, created by the wonderful subject matter and glorious palette. In this collection, fishes swim happily, horses smile or watch the world go by and a group of deer scatter in the falling landscape. Each image is perfectly coordinated with the ideal colour to bring out the glitter in the sky or the twinkle of an eye. Every detail is highlighted and shown in its best light, each toothy smile or playful glance. The creatures are the stars, but the painter brings out their best.
In some of my favourite paintings, a group of birds watch the flood, safe in the knowledge that they are free from harm. The swimming blues cascade together and contrast stunningly with the dashes of red and yellow. The form of the birds in the foreground opposes the twittering masses flying away. In other works, hares are caught out in acid-coloured washes that turn them from cute animals into blazing pop-art icons. Horses share a whisper and talk amongst themselves about issues that humans couldn't possibly understand. In Gal's world, birds and rabbits are present at political gatherings and cows and cats know secrets and communicate in their own special language. I think these delightful works would make a great gift for an animal lover, or would equally be at home in a café or restaurant anywhere in the world. With a lightness of touch that makes them so special, their quirky energy would light up any room and provide a buyer with years of happiness."


1999-2003 University of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca Romania


Texas Contemporary Art Fair - october 10 - 13 / 2019 http://www.petrahartl.at/hundundkunst/2018/11/05/olga-gal-animal-kingdom



"Animalia" Cultureinside Gallery , Luxembourg 2014
Londonart Pop up gallery 2014, London
2003 British Council ,Cluj Napoca exhibition with textile artist Karoly Zold Gyongyi