Olha Stepanian

Olha Stepanian

Cherkassy, Cherkassy obl., Ukraine

About Olha Stepanian

I got acquainted with photography long time ago. Sometimes I think it happened in a previous life. In 2010 I realized I couldn't live without photography. I got my first camera and felt really happy for the first time. Photography is my air. Through the photos I take I want to show history, moods, and more importantly, things people don't notice in everyday life.


I learned in high school. I do not have an education in the field of art, I did not even go to photography courses.
When I wanted to understand how i can make interesting photos, I looked at what modern photographers do and I realized that I do not want to learn from them. And I decided to turn to the classics. My attention was captured by the works of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sally Mann, Rodney Smith, they became my teachers who still serve as an example for me.


Now I dream to release a book with my photos and I'm working on it.


I live in Ukraine in a small city of Cherkassy. Here I held 2 solo exhibitions in 2011 and 2016. In autumn of 2016, I took part in the festival which was held in Munich.