Paola Consonni

Paola Consonni

milano, lombardia, Italy

About Paola Consonni

Italian painter. Live and work in Milan( Italy ) If you want you can contact me by mail


graduated in architecture Politecnico Milano

first degree Fine Arts Academy of Brera

second degree Fine Arts Academy of Brera


“Altri cieli altri mondi”, permanent exhibition at the Museum of Mariano Alessano 2006

Supervisioni, collective exhibition cloister of the civic library, Treviglio 2007

Il cuore di Brera, collective exhibition, San Marco, Milan

Ritratti, collective exhibition, Obraz gallery, Milan 2010

The Wall, collective exhibition, Fac Room, Milan 2011

Le piante, collective exhibition, Groff& C 2011

Exibition with Andrea Oliva, Groff& C, Milan 2011

Exibition with Andrea Oliva,Sator, Milan 2012