Paris and Darmin

Paris and Darmin

Nimbin, NSW, Australia

About Paris and Darmin

We are a collaborative team of two artists Paris Naday and Darmin Cameron. We both have individual saatchi accounts. This is our collaborative profile.

We have neen collaborating for over 2 years creating works on the theme utopia/dystopia, looking in particular at urban-rural disjuncture and cities, the culture and scape. Our 2 meter high sculpture Utopia Towers made from hundreds of photographs montaged both digitally and physically, in the form of a skyscraper, won the Coraki Art Award prize for best sculpture in 2011.

Our latest work "The Prostitution of Time" looks at how we are all prostituted to time, the measurement of time governs our days and the amount of money we can earn. Financial pressures tie people to the clock even more. Time is money is a miodern day catch cry. Our 1.9 meter diameter doomsday clock made from mannequin parts, wood and mashed newsprint comments on the financial crisis and our slavery to a clock that is not in time with reality.


University of Nimbin


August 2013 Opened the Exhibition Pandora's Box at Blue Knob Hall Gallery, Blue Knob, NSW Australia. This included the production and performance of a shadow play on the Myth of Pandora, a presentation "Deconstructing Pandora" and performance poetry.


2013 Gold Coast Art Festival "Five"
2013 Serpentine Gallery Lismore "Me and You"
2012 Nimbin Spring Arts Exhibition
2011 Coraki Art Award