Patricia Kaliczka

Patricia Kaliczka

Budapest, Hungary

About Patricia Kaliczka

The center of Patrícia Kaliczka's interest is the connection between human beings and the cosmos. She investigates the reflection of micro- and macro-cosmos in one another, the essence of energy and substance, the nature and functioning mechanisms of emotion and thought, the roles of transcendence and science and the relationship between the holistic and materialistic worldview. Her creative work is closely related to her internal work of self-knowledge and her spiritual journey. She uses her own experiences as a catalyst in formulating and questioning universal human experiences.
In case of Kaliczka, the raw instinct dictated by feelings and the distilled prudence of thoughts are complementary factors during the painting process. The fierce dynamics of heart-brain dialogue has led to the development of a picturesque language over the years in which the typical practice of abstract and figurative art cannot be distinguished: the conspicuous feature of collage-like spaces is the use of material, color and composition practices connected to different styles within a work of art.
Her canvases are dominated by the relationship between the backgrounds and the figure, complemented by expressive gestures, naturalistic details, blurry collages, wild composition cuts, paraphrases, mythological scenes, and symbols that deliberately causes the feeling of lack in the observer.
Under the surface, the underlying hidden motif of her works is to show the floating, permeable, dynamic quality and underground interconnection of the spatial and temporal situations of the world.


2007-2013 MA Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest
2011 Faculdade de Belas-Artes - Universidade da Lisboa, Lisbon


Grants, awards
2018 Rudnay Gyula Scholarship
2014,2016,2017 Derkovits Gyula Scholarship
2014 UniCredit small grant
2013 Esterházy Kunstpreis sponsored by UNIQA
Gruber Béla Award
UniCredit Scholarship, 3rd place

2018 Pienkow Art Residency, Chelm (PL)
2015 Krinzinger Residency, Petőmihályfa (HU)


Solo exhibitions:
’About me deadly but never seriously’, with Patrícia Jagicza, Studio Gallery, Budapest (upcoming in March)
’Long Ocean’, Art9 Gallery, Budapest (HU)
’White Noise’, Viltin Gallery, Budapest (HU)
’System Error Paradise’, Fészek Gallery, Budapest (HU)
Horváth Endre Galéria, Balassagyarmat (HU)

Selected group exhibitions:
Art Paris, Viltin Gallery, Paris (FR)
Dreams come from the past, not from the future, Löwenpalais, Berlin (DE)
Day of Painting, Kepes Institute, Eger (HU)
65th Autumn Exhibition of Vásárhely, Alföldi Gallery, Hódmezővásárhely (HU)
Human Project, Viltin Gallery, Budapest (HU)

Real Hungary, Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna, Austria (A)
Derkó 2017, Kunsthalle, Budapest (HU)

Hope chest, Austrian Cultural Forum, Budapest (HU)
Gardens and workshops – The twenty years of the Alesd art colony, Kunsthalle, Budapest (HU)
AIR2015 – Artist in Residence, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, Austria (A)

Derkó2015, Kunsthalle, Budapest
„Narrative configurations”, MAMŰ Gallery, Budapest
„The Group”, Studio of Young Artist Association, Budapest
The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London

'Recently', Viltin Gallery, Budapest
Art Market, Budapest
Autumn Exhibition of Vásárhely, Alföldi Gallery, Hódmezővásárhely
'The shadow of white', Viltin Gallery, Budapest
'derkó.pécsi', Kunsthalle, Budapest

'Beyond the Zone' (exhibiton of the participants of the Aleșd Art Colony), Art IX-XI Gallery, Budapest
Esterházy Award, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Day of Hungarian Painting, REÖK Palace, Szeged
The 60th Autumn Exhibition of Vásárhely, Alföldi Gallery, Hódmezővásárhely
Flash Art’s Pop-up exhibition, Aquarium Klub Gallery, Budapest
'Best of Diploma Exhibition', Barcsay Hall, Budapest
EMPIRE P', Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA-D), Dunaújváros
'Doublethink', Amatár Exhibition Hall, Budapest

Esterházy Award, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
'The Seduction of Beautiful Art', Stephan Stumpf Gallery, München
Presentation exhibition of the new FKSE members, Studio Gallery, Budapest
'Budapest Flow', Virág Judit Gallery, Budapest