Paul Bonniekent

Paul Bonniekent

Cattolica, Emilia Romagna, Italy

About Paul Bonniekent

Paul Bonnie-Kent is the Alias of an artist born in Cattolica Italy where he lives and works. Self-taught He has been painting without interruption from 1969 to 1989 searching for new form of expression. He has assiduously participated at showings and contests, winning numerous awards and positive reviews from the critics. In 1989 he abandons painting. After many years of total abstinence, he reappears briefly on the scene in 2003, coming back to life when he unearths some older unfinished works. Certainly, his new abstract ideas are what he wants and what he has to offer,but he cannot for rather does not want to finish those older figurative works that have been awaited for many years. He could, as in the past paint these abstracts on the images, but he prefers; to firstly prove to himself, and secondly to the public that even though he has not held a paintbrush in his hands for all this time he has nonetheless matured artistically. He finishes only two nude portraits, when events in his life regretfully cause him to abandon painting once again Finally, in 2006 he is reborn and with great enthusiasm he digs up his now yellowed unfinished drawings, and repaints the old unfinished canvases, he modifies others, and he continues working alternating draeing and painting. abstract art to surreal art. ( But what is abstract, which makes joyful every time the brush touches the canvas.) But right from the beginning his maturity can be admired. He brings forth many new ideas  on sexy and abstract nudes,of surreal flowers and still life, tand herefore we cannot but await the new works by this inexhaustible artist


Self Taught- From 2019 on personal exhibition in the studio. My personal site is


National and International Exhibitions ******* Rassegne Nazionali ed Internazionali
Cattolica 1970 Premio internazionale Imola 1972 Concorso nazionale
Morciano di Romagna 1973 3 Concorso nazionale Sarsina 1973 Premio citta di Sarsina
Rimini 1973 Rassegna art center Covignano Rn 1973 Estemporanea
Massa 1973 3 Concorso Primavera Massese Forli 1973 Trofeo Ordelaffi
Londra 1973 International art exibition Roma 1974 Quadriennale d'arte contemporanea
R.S.Marino 1974 Arte Esperanto Bertinoro 1974 2 Concorso di pittura
Ferrara 1974 Premio nazionale del mini quadro Corno Giovine 1974 Il pennello d'oro
Foggia 1974 Trofeo Augusto Barile Ostuni 1974 Trofeo tre torri
Quarto D'altino 1975 1 Concorso nazionale Anfore d'oro Forli 1975 Concorso nazionale
Spoleto 1975 1 Concorso nazionale Olivo d'oro Corno Giovine 1975 Il pennello d'oro
Ferrara 1975 1 Rassegna nazionale Cosme ura Cernusco sul Naviglio 1975 Premio Claudio Guidali
San Leo 1975 1 Biennale citta di S.Leo Rimini 1975 Trofeo Arco d'Augusto
Trieste 1975 3 Biennale internazionale d'arte Fratta Terme 1975 1 Concorso nazionale di pittura e poesia
Massa 1975 3 Concorso nazionale Primavera Massese Firenze 1975 2 Premio internazionale Artigianelli
Ferrara 1975 1 Rassegna internazionale di pittura Vigevano 1976 Premio Scarpina d'oro
Milano 76/77 Art Internatinal award Ferrara 1979 Premio Ercole de Roberti
Ferrara 1979 Rassegna nazionale Cosme tura Morciano di Romagna 1981 3 Festa nazionale dell'artista e del letterato
Ferrara 1982 Premio Galleria Alba Cagliari 1982 Biennale di pittura e grafica
Pompei 1982 5 Rassegna Internazionale citta di Pompei Cattolica 1982 Personale
Manciano 1982 4 edizione mostra d'arte Manciano Pompei 1983 5 Biennale illustrata
Madrid 1983 Arco 83 Parigi 1983 Arte Italiana nel mondo
Dallas 1983 Art expo Basilea 1983 Art 14 83
New York 1983 Artexpo Verucchio 1983 Premio Norbeto Pazzini
Pompei 1983 Diffusion de l'art Italien dans le monde Los Angeles 1984 Maestri della grafica
Parigi 1984 Salon des nations Cattolica 1984 Personale
S.Angelo in Lizzola Pu 1984 Collettiva Montecchio Pu 1984 Collettiva
Firenze 1984 Galleria 14 Collettiva Pompei 1984 Trofeo internazionale New York
Pompei 1985 Rassegna Europa 85 Tsukuba 1985 Expo 85
Toronto 1985 Trittico d'arte Vancouver 1985 Trittico d'arte
Tsukuba 1985 Grafica contemporanea Italiana Seychelles 1986 Trittico mondiale d'arte
Italia 1986 Premio belle arti Hong Kong 1986 Sea 86
Cattolica 1986 Collettiva I Fantasmi del Colore Cattolica 1986 Collettiva I Fantasmi del Colore
Stoccolma 1987 Art fair 87 Cattolica 1987 Galleria S.Croce Personale
Cattolica 1988 Collettiva I Fantasmi del Colore Milano 2002 Collettiva Galleria Modigliani
Roma 2008 Premio Terna Giulianova Marche 2008 Premio Ambiente
Luxembourgo 2009 Rooated - Competition Roma 2009 Premio Terna 01
Londra 2009 Competition Competition 2009 MosaicGlobe Creativity
New York 2009 Erotic Art Competition Nebraska Usa
2009 Upstreampeoplegallery 11th Annual Contemporary Art Juried
Wisconsin Usa 2009 26th Annual Art Competition Canada 2009 House of Scratch Juried Art Gallery
Berlino 2009 Art interview Online artist competition Roma 2009 Just paint 2009 International Art Competition
Texas Usa 2009 American Jured Art Salon Londra 2009 International Creative competition Licc
New York 2009 Manhattan Art Her Story Infinity Art Gallery 2009 International Jured Art Exhibits
Georgia Usa 2009 International art show - part II Abstract Williamsburg,Va Usa 2009 Best Of Artists Worldwide Book Competition
Georgia Usa 2009 International Jured Art Competition Art Kudos Italia 2009 Premio Belle Arti Gigarte
Genova 2009 Collettiva Galleria immagine colore Roma 2010 Premio Terna 02
Miami 2010 Erotic Signature Roma 2012 Premio Terna 04
Australia 2012 International art contest