Paulo Vilarinho

Paulo Vilarinho

Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

About Paulo Vilarinho

Paulo Vilarinho aka Vila, born in 1972.

......Vila show us a singular mixture between order, beauty and chaos... deeply inspired by Movements like Pop Art, Street Art, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism.
The viewer is subtly invited into each process / decode all the available information.

Represented in multiple Art Collections from... Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Canada, United States and United Kingdom.


3rd Course Humanistic Studies


2020 - SWISSARTEXPO - Contemporary Art Fair - Zurich....making part of a colective project called "Together we are one"...invited by the Suiss Art Galery ARTBOX.


2002 - Won an Honourable Mention at Aveiro's National Art Prize "Jovem Criador"- Prémio Fotografia = " Young Creative"- Photography Award.

2001 - Won 1ºPrize at the National Painting Award "Artistas à solta" = "Loose Artists" /Sponsored by Forum Aveiro/ Papelave & Sacramento Art Gallery.