Pelle Perlefelt

Pelle Perlefelt

Stockholm, Sweden

About Pelle Perlefelt

Born 1966, Linkoping, Sweden. Living in Stockholm since 1993.I do painting, drawing and sculpturing. Paintings made in oil on canvas, board or plexiglass.


Master of Fine Art 1998 at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.


Latest solo exhibitions: "Silence" at Tyresö Kunsthalle in Stockholm 2017 and at Domeij Gallery in Stockholm 2016. "Brooklyn History '96" at Kronan Gallery in Norrköping 2014 and at Domeij Gallery in Stockholm 2013.
Latest group exhibitions: "Supermarket" in Stockholm 2016, "Paperwork" at Domeij Gallery in Stockholm 2015, "Uppsamling" at the Museum of art in Uppsala 2014, "Ankomst" at Konstnärshuset in Stockholm 2014, "Carlsson/Perlefelt" at VISU Gallery in Kokkola, Finland 2014, "Summershow" at NP33 in Norrköping, Sweden 2013.