Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker

Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates

About Penelope Parker

Penelope is a born and bred Londoner, who orginally trained as both a fine artist and a graphic designer in Cheltenham, England. She worked on a variety of household names such as Nescafe, Johnnie Walker and Cadbury’s in SOHO, London.
Penelope now lives and works on the beautiful sandy shores of the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, where she has lived for over a decade.

Penelope & Parker’s work began with a love for nature and science. Focusing on naturally occurring fractals in nature, Penelope became fascinated with the science behind beauty, stating that “Humans are seemingly programmed to enjoy the geometric occurrence of fractals in nature, we can’t help but be drawn to them”.

A never-ending pattern, and infinitely complex, fractals are created by a pattern repeating itself over and over. Initially inspired by snowflakes and the journey of tree producing branches over and over again, Penelope began exploring digital fractals inspired by mathematician Benoit Mandlebrot.

Penelope continues to use a variety of computer generated equations to create their own fractal art, resulting in truly unique pieces of art and fashion.


Cheltenham College of Art & Design