Peter Spaans

Peter Spaans

amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands

About Peter Spaans

Peter Spaans (Weesp, 1953, based in Amsterdam).
Photography, books, mixed media, installations.

Visualization of my fragmented thinking through photography, mixed media, collages, books and installations.

In his body of work Peter Spaans ignores obvious subject matter such as famous landmarks; he is more interested in the ordinary cityscapes, and spaces that are often ( or not ) photographed or videotaped by many different people. For Mr. Spaans, it is important to understand these common urban spaces and how they function, as he believes they are what influence our lives the most. These are the spaces we encounter each day; they are where we live our normal day to day livesInspired by the daily life on the streets in different cities, films and photographs (newspapers and magazines).

Peter Spaans worked with such curators as Okwui Enwezor (The Second Johannesburg
Biennial, the traveling exhibition 'Mirror's Edge' with its share 'The Unknown Cities' project!
and the book 'Cream contemporary art in culture'); Hou Hanru (The exhibition 'Unlimited II '
at De Appel, Amsterdam); and Jan Hoet (Sonsbeek 9, with Hans Eijkelboom, Arnhem).
Exhibited worldwide, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Denmark, South Africa,
England, Scotland, and the Netherlands.
Peter worked on assignments for the Rai and the Bijenkorf, Amsterdam, and collaborated with
such artists as Hans Eijkelboom** and Bert Wils*.
Peter Spaans is represented by Johan Deumens Gallery, Amsterdam, and by Harper's books,
New York.


1975 - 1977: Academy of Arts, Den Bosch.
1979 - 1981: Academy of Arts, Arnhem (diploma)


2019 Borneo Architectuur centrum, Amsterdam (duo).
2018 Opening nieuwe website (solo).
2018 Vrijburg, Amsterdam. ‘Fotoplaks’ (Solo).
2018 Open Studio, Amsterdam (Solo).
2017 Universiteit van Johannesburg, ‘Kunstenaars boeken’ uit de Jack Ginsberg Collection (groeps).
2016 Arti et Amicitea, Amsterdam. ‘Salon’ (groeps).
2016 Knsm-laan 325, Amsterdam ‘UNPHOTO’, wand reliëfs, ruimtelijke collages en boek presentatie (solo).
2016 De Hallen, Haarlem: Groepsexpositie ‘Reiskoorts’ (groeps).
2015 Edities / Artists Book Fair (E / AB Fair), New York. Johan Deumens galerie (groeps).
2015 ‘AmsterdamUnseen’ in de Kunsthal Citroen garage, Amsterdam (groeps).
2015 Arti et Amicitea, Amsterdam. (groeps).
2015 lancering nieuwe website:
2014 2 Photo installations on the Europa plein, commission De Rai, Amsterdam.!
2013 Gallery Johan Deumens, Amsterdam. ’Project World Works’ (with artist talk).!
2013 Different books: World Works Project: 3 big books with all project pages and 11!
printed books: WORLD WORKS: THE LIBRARY PROJECT: 1. Handeling in een aantal!
gevallen, 1980 - 1981, 2. POEM: CANAL STREET TO 34TH STREET, 3. Peter and Bert,!
4. Ellen Marina Jose, 5. Berlin, 1979 - 1980, 6. Tekeningen uit Arnhem, 1979 - 1980, 7.!
New York Diary, 1982, 8. IS THIS A CITY ?, 9. Een Stad , part one, 1988-1989,!
10. Een Stad , part two, 1988-1989 and 11. Amsterdam, 2011 - 2012.!
2012 Stipendium Mondriaan fonds.!
2012 Tell me how you REALLY feel', groupshow, The Center for Book Arts, New York.!
2012 When the night falls', groupshow, KIK, Nijeveen.!
2011 Harper's Books in 'Paris Photo', Grand Palais, Paris.!
2011 Photo project 'New York from the yards', Harper's books, East Hampton, New York.!
2011 Book: New York from the yards, special edition (Harper’s books, East Hampton, NY)!
2011 Johans Deumens gallery, The London Art Book Fair (Whitechapel Gallery), London.!
2011 Project The Archival works (work period 2008 - 2011)