Petra Brnardic

Petra Brnardic

Zagreb, Croatia

About Petra Brnardic

In my work I'm exploring themes like identity, sex, gender, feminism issues, as well as myths, religion, psychical archetypes, psychology, various emotional and mental states, and subsonscious in general, mixing socialy and politicaly more relevant issues with intimate narratives, self-analysis and introspection. The most visible and tangible element in my work is eternal obsession with sex, death, fetishes and taboos. I am traveling to those dark and disturbing realms of human psyche and experience, challenging fantasies and borders of identities and experiences. In that investigation, I am diving into the oceans of Id to emerge with hybrid creatures that represent different facets of myself and I am tryig to tame the demons inside, that omnipresent shadow that constructs the dark, unsettling and eerie part of everyone's self. And doing so, i prefer bold, dramatic and more raw expression. But, when I deal with drawing medium, I engage in different styles, according to my momentary feeling: from intricate and detailed work that borders with visual stream of consciousness and hermetism, to clear, distinct, illustrative, descriptive and explicit stuff. Thematically, women and female creatures are the most present actors in my work, representing martyrs, queens, explorers, otherworldly entities, victims and conquerors of their fate and specific life journey. I am obsessed with possibilities of transformation and reinvention of self and with polarity between male and female principle and energy, which sometimes leads to representations of sadomasochism, and sometimes to merging of opposites in spiritual androginy, but those sexual, gender and social identities always dance on the edge of established normatives. So, I'm fascinated with dramatic contradictions of psyche, and I examine the tango of Eros and Thanatos, as well the relation of vulnerability vs. brutality, ethereal vs. carnal, angelic vs. diabolic. Little monsterish caprices and impulses are driving force of my work, creating macabric scenes with elements of uncanny. And females in the pictures are always my alter-egos, showing off all my fears, desires, melancholies, furies and yearnings.


2008. graduated at Algebra as a graphic designer
2004. graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, in the class of prof. Miroslav Sutej, painting section, as a professor of visual culture
1997. finished Grammar highschool in Sisak (universal education)


2019. 17th Festival of the First, Performance Art Multimedia Festival, KNAP, Zagreb, Croatia (with performance "Do you love me?"
2019. STIFF Film and Gif Festival, SKC Gallery Rijeka, Croatia
2019. Nudita, Ospizio Giovani Artisti, AMACI Contemporary Day and Rome Art Week, Rome, Italy
2019. La Collezione XXX, Ospizio Giovani Artisti, Rome, Italy
2019. Fu:Bar/expo, AKC Medika, Zagreb, Croatia
2019. Hystorical Madness: Performative Studies of a Case: Performance Marathon, organized and curated by Kustoska platforma, KNAP Center, Zagreb, Croatia
2019. OHOHO Festival, Komikaze, AKC Medika, Zagreb
2019. TeePublic Gallery Show, John Doe Gallery Brooklyn, New York, USA 2018. 50th Revue Of Croatian Cinematography, Tuskanac Cinema , Zagreb, Croatia (participating with two short experimental movies, "Leviathan Of Desire" and "Masquerade") - received special acknowledgement and certificate for the first one 2018. Zeljezara Festival - Visual Poetry And Prose Mix, Striegl Gallery, Sisak, Croatia 2018. Poetry In Preparation (video poetry evening), Prozori Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia 2018. Media Mediterranea 20 - Nature and Technology, SKUC, Titov park and MSUI Pula, Croatia 2018. "Inferno", FotoFilm Festival Tijuana, Mexico 2018. F12: Free art display | Zagreb, Croatia 2018. F12: Free art display | Lovinac, Croatia 2018. F12: Free art display | Karlovac, Croatia 2018. F12: Free art display | Duga Resa, Croatia 2018. Komikaze, Design District, Old Military Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia 2018. GIFEST#6, Subotica, Serbia
2018. MARATHONA GEOFILM, Cittadella, Padova, Italy
2018. Pussy´s Smoke, Esseker Centar, Osijek, Croatia
2017. Lovepiece, Galerija Galženica, Velika Gorica, Croatia
2017. Day and night of video and performance, Sisak, Croatia
2017. MIRACLES, video art festival, Valkenburg, Netherlands
2017. Art Camp Empeduja, Antonio Lauer Beach, Rijeka, Croatia (performance with Marijan Crtalic)
2017. DEEP TRASH IN THE UNDERWORLD, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. London, UK
2017. Media Mediterranea 19: Digital Romance, Titov park, Pula, Croatia
2017. Komikaze Femicomix - Ratatata Fest, Macerata, Italy
2017. AccessCode Film Festival, Bangalore, India
2017. Corvallis Queer Film Festival, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
2017. Paura Festival Internacional De Cine De Terror De Valencia, Valencia, Spain
2016. Pivilion: ~co-op~ , 25th Slavonian Biennale, Borders of visibility, Osijek, Croatia
2016. 12th Revue Of One Minute Film "60 Seconds Of Croatian Film", Kino Dvorana Za-Te Plus, Zagreb, Croatia
2016. Night of videos and performance art, Sisak, Croatia
2016. Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest, Hackney Showroom, London, UK
2016. Adria Art Annale, Split
2016. Komikaze Femicomix - 8. Salon stripa, Novi Sad, Serbia

2015. Stigmart10 Videofocus- special edition (pages 146 – 171)

2015. Self-As-Subject: The Multiple Exposure Project Zine (pages 73-75)

Reading my poetry in Matica hrvatska Sisak (four times, once during promotion of my first book of poetry, "Cuts" in 2006, and other three times at Kvirinovi poetski susreti, festival of poetry). Reading excerpts from my poetry in Bogdan Ogrizovic Library in Zagreb, famous and honorable poet Simo Mraovic as a host, and in Novinarski dom in Zagreb, 2006.
Participating in slam poetry happening in Velika Gorica in 2014.
Actor in performance by Kata Mijatovic and Zoran Pavelic, "Long body" in Sisak, 2003.
Participating with my short animation movie, Bedazzled Castle, on three film festivals:
2014. 23rd Days of Croatian Cinematography, Kino SC, Zagreb, Croatia
2014. Kastav Film Festival, international film festival in Kastav, Croatia
2014. International Festival of Animated Films, Kino Tuskanac, Zagreb, Croatia
2015. Participating with my short experimental movie "Fever" on Kastav Film Festival
2015. Participation with my movie "Fever" on 47. Revue of Croatian Cinematography, City Library "Ivan Goran Kovacic", Karlovac, Croatia



2016. Girona Film Festival, Girona, Spain
2016. Drunken Film Festival, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK
2016. Komikaze - Femicomix, Strip Festival AltCom, Folkets Park, Malmo, Sweden
2016. Komikaze - Femicomix, AKC Nigdjezemska, Zadar, Croatia
2016. Komikaze, - Femicomix, Le Garage L., Forcalquier, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
2016. Komikaze & OFICINA ARARA, Porto, Portugal
2015. 3rd Biennale of Painting, HDLU Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2015. 47. Revue of Croatian Cinematography, City Library "Ivan Goran Kovacic", Karlovac, Croatia
2015. Femicomix, Kino Šiška - Mesto žensk, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2015. Femicomix, Zadruga Praksa, Pula, Croatia
2015. Crack Festival (with Komikaze), Rome, Italy
2015. Kastav Film Festival, Kastav, Croatia
2014. Third Croatian Triennale of Self-Portrait, POU Samobor, Croatia
2014. International Festival of Animated Films, Kino Tuskanac, Zagreb, Croatia
2014. StripSalon, Novi Sad, Serbia (with Komikaze)
2014. Exquisite Corpses, Fort Turtian, Pula, Croatia
2014. Komikaze, Tolmin/Sotočje, Slovenia
2014. VATRA.toplina.silina. (FIRE.heat.intensity.), Trenutak39, Zagreb, Croatia
2014. Komikaze na-20 obljetnici akc pekarne maribor, Maribor, Slovenia
2014. Ohoho Festival, AKC Medika, Zagreb, Croatia
2014. Komikaze poPuli, Pula, Croatia
2014. Kastav Film Festival, international film festival in Kastav, Croatia
2014. 23rd Days of Croatian Cinematography, Kino SC, Zagreb, Croatia
2013. Vox Feminae - Martyrs, Zagreb, Croatia
Vox Feminae - Martyrs, Zadar, Croatia
2013. Komikaze, Gale Rica, Makarska, Croatia
2013. NUS2 (Taboo), MKC Split, Split, Croatia
2012. Antisalon, Medika, Zagreb, Croatia
2012. NUS (Tampon Generation), Aquarium Bacvice, Split, Croatia
2011. Great group exhibition of artists, Greta Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2011. Photodistorzija, Biennale of Photography, Zuccato Gallery, Porec, Croatia
2011. Forest Art Auction, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
2010. "Fairytale about Lilith" on 30th Youth Salon Zagreb, Croatia
2009. "Violated Violator" on Generation X - female perspective, Medika club, Zagreb, Croatia
2008. Kliker!, international festival of pop-poetry, SC, Zagreb, Croatia
2007. Selfportrait - A show for Betlehem, Rosario, Argentina
2006. Selfportrait - A show for Betlehem, Santa Fe, Argentina; Naples, Italy; Szczecin (Poland); Betlehem, Palestina
2005. Print to Art, MMC Luka, Pula, Croatia
2005. Eros and Pornos, Striegl Gallery, Sisak, Croatia
2005. "Emotional trash", FONA, international festival of new art, Hartera, Rijeka, Croatia
2004.Velesajam kulture, SC, Zagreb, Croatia
2004. Absolutely baroque, Horvat House, Varazdin, Croatia
2004. Sisak art circle, Striegl Gallery, Sisak, Croatia
2003. Third Sisak youth salon, Sisak, Croatia
2003. Women, Attack club, Zagreb, Croatia
2003. Sisak in Zagreb, Attack club, Zagreb, Croatia
2002. Second Sisak youth salon, Sisak, Croatia
2001. Students from prof. Sutej class, Galzenica Gallery, Velika
Gorica, Croatia
2000. First Sisak youth salon, Sisak, Croatia

2019. Borderline, FotoKlub Split, C
2016. Walpurgisnacht, Boonika Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2015. Zagreb Book Festival, MUO Zagreb, Croatia
2013. "Velvet Underground", Striegl Gallery, Sisak, Croatia
2011. "Rubedo", NANO Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2006. "Schizomania", Artenativa Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2005. "Marchioness of pain", KIC, Zagreb, Croatia
2004. "Peep Show", Gjuro 2 club, Zagreb, Croatia
2003. "A voice from the gothic well", Alternative institute, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2001. St. Quirinus Gallery, Sisak, Croatia
2000. "In between horns", Gjuro 2 club, Zagreb (with Ksenija Kordic), Croatia
2000. "The Queens", TEST! festival of theatre, Zagreb (with Ksenija Kordic), Croatia
1997. Student club of Philosophy Faculty, Zagreb, Croatia


2002. Main award of the Sisak youth salon
2000. Special award of the Sisak youth salon


2006. Book of poetry "Cuts"
2007. Participation with four drawings in the Antology of croatian erotic
drawing "Eros and Pornos" by Djuro Vandjura
I also translate and illustrate books.