Rouzbeh Tahmassian

Rouzbeh Tahmassian

Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

About Rouzbeh Tahmassian

"My work is created in the midst of emotions. I follow my feelings on how the process is going and what materials the artwork needs. Among all this the science and precision in me stir up all the time. In my profession as a hospital pharmacist it requires to be precise and accurate. The recent years I've fused my work as a pharmacist and a visual artist more and more. I use chemical compounds and make my own perfect orchistrated combination of Damar resin and beeswax for example. To influence the viscosity of my paint and wax I use chemicals like sorbitol and glycerol and integrate burnt pages out of pharmaceutical books into my artworks. I'm intensely drawn to the unknown: an unknown effect, an unknown material and an unknown twist of work. It's what keeps me motivated to fabricate new work in this epic battle between the flow of feelings and the science of Pharmacy"

Rouzbeh Tahmassian is an established multi-disciplinary artist with international exposure. His pieces combine photographs manipulated with various mixed-media techniques of beautiful pieces of wood. Each work is unique and can involve a range of materials including acrylics, oils, pastel, watercolours, beeswax, sanguis, copper, wood and more. His pieces are personal and expressive with a hint of nostalgia.


Self-taught visual artist


- Van der Wall Interieurs 2019, Leerdam, The Netherlands.
- Lingesteyn 2018, Leerdam, The Netherlands.
- Amersfoort Art Galerie 2017, Amersfoort, Jun 2017 - jan 2019, The Netherlands.
- DOEN 2017, Rotterdam, Apr - Dec 2017 The Netherlands.
- GINVI 2016, Rotterdam, Nov. 2016 - nov 2018, The Netherlands.
- Exhibition Beatrix Hospital 2017, Jan 1st March 31st, The Netherlands.
- Galerie van Eijck 2016, Rotterdam, Sept. 1st - March 2017, The Netherlands
- Exhibition Dental practice Unident 2016, Leiden, Jan. July, The Netherlands.
​- Exhibition Masters of LXRY 2015, Amsterdam RAI, December 10th- 14th, The Netherlands.
- ​International exhibition 'The other side', London Hilton on Park Lane, April 30th-May. 31th 2015, United Kingdom.
- International exhibition 'The other side', Hilton Munchen City, March 31th-Apr. 30th 2015, Germany.
- Exhibition project 'The other side', KUNSTwerk aan de Winkel, Feb. 15th-March. 29th 2015, Rotterdam, The Netherlands