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Poovi Art Gallery

Painted Post, NY, United States

About Poovi Art Gallery


I am a full time contemporary abstract artist and keep a studio in Up state New York. I use acrylic paint, oil pastels and extreme texture mediums, ceramic, concrete, Epoxy resin, glass stones to convey my thoughts and emotions and to express my view through my work. There isn't any particular introduction for my work. I do not limit myself to one style or concept. Each piece I create perceive my inspiration from life events and experiences - Thoughts, Feelings, Moods, Conflicts, Anger, Love and Sadness. I move between different styles, combining abstraction with figuration. As an artist, I feel it is my responsibility to convey a message of inspiration that evokes emotion and brings joy, elegance, thoughtfulness to homes and spaces around the world. It has been a personal journey that I enjoy and treasure, and I hope others will feel the same.” 

I love working on Abstract pieces and sculptures as I am fascinated by how soulful and powerful abstraction can be and how I can translate my feelings & emotions through it. 

In my Sculpture series I am using only natural materials, like concrete, wood, ceramic and Resin to create each of these one of a kind creations. I love working with concrete ceramics and Resin because of its delicacy and its strength. Layers of glass stone, Epoxy resin and concrete mix which involves the multiple processing like concrete and glass stone framing, Resin pouring, glueing and scratching. Giving the artwork an extraordinary impression and sculptural qualities and give birth to my one-of-a-kind sculptural compositions. My hope is to inspire those who see my Artwork and sculptures to slow down and take the time to look more carefully at the beauty in unusual combinations of the piece.

My artwork is also curated for clients such as Samsung TV Frame. Which showcases my artwork while in Art Mode. The Frame TV is quite possibly the only TV you'll want to watch even when it's off. 

I have International private collections in the USA, UK, Canada, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Italy, Norway, France, Switzerland, China, India, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand.


MBA in Research and Business Analytics
MS in Zoology


Park Ave Summer Art Fest 2018
Aug 4th - Aug 5th



2020 Most Promising Contemporary Artists- New York, United States

2019 Lilac Festival Rochester, NY

2019 Top national Artist from India, Indian Art commitiee - Nominated- Delhi, India

2019 Small Works Show, 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2019 SAMSUNG FEATURED ARTIST - Nominated, Saatchi Art- New York, United States

2018 Participated in [SOLO] Art Expo New York

2018 Satellite Art Show, Brooklyn, NY

2017 Participated in [SOLO] Art Expo New York

2017 World Art Dubai, World Trade Centre, Dubai (UAE)

2017 Artscape/Baltimore's Festival of the Arts, July 18

2017 [ SOLO ] Exhibition ArtExpo New York

2017 Exhibited in Westside Art fair YMCA, Rochester,NY

2016 Exhibited in 6*6 #roco6x6 Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo)

2016Community Arts/Crafts/Makers Show exhibition,Rochester,NY.

2016 Exhibited in Winter Park Autumn Art Festival, Orlando,FL

2015 Exhibited in 6*6 #roco6x6 Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo)

2015 Exhibited in M&T Bank Clothesline Festival

2014 participated in Orlando Art exhibition.

2014 Participated in New york Art exhibition