Sol Invictus Artwork by Marin Minev

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Art Description

New Media: Fractal, Algorithmic Art, Digital, Color, New Media on Canvas, Paper.


The cult and veneration of the sun is one of the oldest religious or mystical practices of mankind, dating back as far as recorded history can go. As a life-giving and life-sustaining force, it has been personified by many different cultures as various deities, notably Ra in Egypt, Sol in the Roman Empire, Helios and Apollo in Greece, Surya in India and many others.
The sun represents an important archetype of the enlightened unity-consciousness, rising each and every day to share its light and warmth with everyone, shining selflessly and giving equally to all, whether rich or poor, black or white, virtuous or decadent, without judgement, prejudice or condemnation.




Sol Invictus

Marin Minev


New Media

Size: 66.1 W x 93.7 H x 0.8 in

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