Notre Dame de Bondeville, Normandie, France


Born in Paris in1955, Annie Puybareau is a professional artist for 40 years.
She is a member artist of the " Salon des Artistes Français" in Paris, and her career is ponctuated by numerous prizes and exhibitions throughout the world.
She has been teaching painting and drawing from 1988 to 2003.
Annie expresses herself passionately through her fluid brushstrokes, adapting them to different themes. Her sensitivity can be seen in the gentle play of light and dark. Whether it is country scenes, still life or characters, both her drawing and colors denote great ease and skill.


Annie Puybareau soon showed a pronounced gift for drawing. At the age of 20, she enrolled at Rouen's Fine Arts College in Robert Savary's classes (Grand Prix de Rome). She subsequentky encountered Albert Malet (well known impressionist painter) with whom she developed her skills in the motif of all varying weather conditions.


Upcoming exhibition:
From 2017/05/20 to 2017/06/05
Espace de la mer :
76550 Pouville sur Mer FRANCE
(near Dieppe, Normandie)


-1986 to 2002: Dieppe
-1989 to 2003: Rouen : galerie de la Cour d’Albane, Galerie Art service , Galerie Rollin
-1990, 92, 94: Paris (Salle Pleyel)
-1992, 93 : Amsterdam, HOLLANDE, galerie Pieter Bruegel
-1994 : Namurs ,BELGIQUE,
-1995 : La Baule, Perros_Guirec
-since1995 : Galerie de Normandie (St Vaast la Hougue)
-1996 : Paris (galerie Goinard)
-1996 : Porto-Veccio (galerie Mila), Hardelot (Galerie Dupuis)
-1998 to 2014 : Gif-sur-Yvette (Galerie Aljancic),
-1999 to 2014: Bois-Colombes (galerie en Ré)
-1999 : Nouvelle-Orleans-USA (Sutton Galleries)
-2000 to 2006: Englewood, Charlotte, Greenwich, USA ( Richards Galleries)
-2000 : Marseille (galerie du Pharos)
-2002 : Lyon (galerie de la Place),
-2003 to 2010 : JAPON (Galerie Suiha), Tokyo, Sendai, Hiroshima
-since 2003 : Rouen ( Galerie Rollin)
-2006 : Shanghai, CHINE (Salon Top Marques)
-2008 to 2010 : Le Havre (Galerie Hamon)
-since 2008 : Montpellier (Galerie de l’écusson)
-2009: Rueil-Malmaison ( Galerie des Muses)
-2010 to 2014 Saint Malo (Galerie des Sablon)
-2011: Shanghai, Canton, CHINE (Victoria’s Gallery)
-2011: Versailles (Galerie Karine Carton)
-2012, 13: Belle Ile en Mer (galerie Sillage)
-2013-15: Pourville-sur-Mer
-2013-14 : Abbaye St Georges de Boscherville
-2014 : Eglise St Pierre de Touques (14)
-since 2014: Nantes (Galerie Veronèse)
-since 2015 : Orleans(Galerie L’art Ancien)