Raffi Kirdi

Raffi Kirdi

Montreal, QC, Canada

About Raffi Kirdi

Raffi Kirdi is a successful and phenomenally talented photographer based in North
America and EU. His ancestors came from one of the oldest countries in the world,
Armenia, Kingdom of Biainili. His passion for lifestyle, fine art, fashion and exotic
landscapes is evident in his exquisite, photographs. Fluent in seven languages, he has
traveled the world, visiting many picturesque locations and experiencing many
wonderful cultures. During his early days as a photojournalist, his images were selected
for AFP “photo of the month” over 7 times in Paris.
The most prestigious magazines across the globe have featured his work, such as: Time,
Newsweek, Match, Figaro, Oggi, Stern, Paris Match, Harper’s Bizarre, Gala, Esquire,
Life and Style, Vanity Fair and Vogue. His photographs have also, been featured
in international advertising campaigns for Alitalia and Brahma as well as, exhibited in
Italian Photography Annual and Ulisse Magazine Inflight Alitalia.

The subject matter of my work leans more to the aesthetic than to making a statement. I try to express the beauty in the environment I photo. I find my subjects in all areas, my subject interest is very diversified. I want my images to give pleasure to my viewers rather than expressing the agony of life. My work is more traditional and classic than contemporary.


University Of Missouri
School of Journalism.


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