Ronn Beattie

Ronn Beattie

Penryn, Cornwall

About Ronn Beattie

After 3 years in Bahrain. where I ran a Fine Art, Edexcel University Foundation Year, and became a founder member of 'Elham' the Arts Society of Bahrain, I have now settled my studio in Cornwall. I am a sculptor with an active exhibitions portfolio, have shown my work in the international 'Art Dubai' fair. I also show regularly in London and the South West, sell work and carry out portrait commissions. My work is listed in David Buckmans 'Dictionary of Artists in Britain, post 1945'; and is about the process and passage of its making , a body related process from a phenomenological, experiential base. I work in a variety of materials, large scale works have recently been in carved and constructed wood and cast lead crystal glass. (see website) I often incorporate 'found objects' in my work. When a sculpture leaves the studio, for the gallery, its passage is completed by the viewer, who can contribute their own 'body ego' by adding their touch to the sculptor's. In a manner controlled by the sculptor, the viewer should have access to touch parts of the work--to engage in its physical passage of becoming, that is the content of the work, and contribute to that content, their memories, via haptic contact with the psychologically resonant materials of the work. My book 'A passage in Women's Sculpture' published by Lambert Academic Press is available on Amazon.


B.A in Sculpture and History of Art 1987 M.A in Theory of Contemporary Sculpture Practice Goldsmiths College, London University, 1994PhD in Theory and Practice (thesis and exhibition of work) London University of the Arts, 2000,


Future Shows: Negotiations underway to show my work, made in Bahrain, in London and Cornwall, when it is shipped back from Bahrain at the end of September 2008