Cesare Reggiani

Cesare Reggiani

Faenza, Ravenna, Italy

About Cesare Reggiani

Artist’s Statement:

Drawing is the basis of all my artworks.

In the course of my artistic activity I’ve always tried to look towards a synthesis of the elements in an artwork.

I do need to be an eclectic artist: in the course of time I’ve driven my personal research in several artistic fields: painting, illustration, movies, illustrated books, music.
Even though I’m passionated and attracted by the classical techniques as oil on canvas or drawing with pencils or china-ink, nowadays I also look at digital medium with great interest: I’m searching the way to let them coexist eachother.

In my paintings, I’ve found oil on canvas the most suitable medium in order to obtain bright and harmonic surfaces.
Isolated animal figures live in a tidy natural context. Few elements around them: the horizon’s line, sheets of water, woods or sequences of trees, rare mountains in the distant background.
Together with these elements of a mental vision of the nature, some majestic and transluscent architectural shapes: monolyths, arches, walls.
Through this “minimalist” composition, I try to transmit a sense of wonder, suspension, timeless calm, contemplation, silence, peace.

Even if I’ve been always very attracted by modern and contemporary arts, I believe that it’s very easy for everyone to find in my artwork a relationship with the Italian Art of the first Renaissance, Piero Della Francesca above all, or with Albrecht Dürer as well.

I’ve found the Artist’s Book a very suitable tool for my artwork’s way.
I’m working nowadays with passion in this field with several projects, sometimes in collaboration with poets and musicians.

For the Artist’s Book “Daimon” I’ve produced 50 black and white drawings, each of them is linked together with one of the 50 copies of the book.
This work in particular sounds to me as a revelation, a sort of “closing the circle” about my deepest personal form of artistic expression.


Art Academy in Ravenna.
Teacher for several years at ISIA (Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche.


December 2016:
"Il tempo, la Misura": a solo- exhibition at Galleria Immaginaria, Florence.

2016: Founder of the "a2mani" limited Artist's Books Editions. www.a2mani.com


Recent solo main exhibitions:
2019- Cesena (I), Galleria Il Vicolo / Faenza (I), Galleria Comunale d'Arte / 2018-Albissola (I), Galleria Il Bostrico / Lugo (I), Caffè letterario / 2016-Florence (I), Galleria Immaginaria / 2014-Zwingenberg (D), Remise Galerie / 2013-Milan (I), Galleria Baroni / Milan (I), Galleria Arnaldo Pavesi / 2012-Karlsruhe (D), Art Fair / 2011-Berlin (D), Walter Bischoff Galerie / 2010-Roermond (NL), DZD Art Gallery / 2009-Davis CA (USA), John Natsoulas Gallery / 2004-Paris (F),Galerie Charlotte Norberg...