Renata Kevi

Renata Kevi

Rome, IT - Prague, CZ - London, UK

About Renata Kevi

The idea of 'the sixth ocean' is an elegant concept that sums up our feelings, myths, stories and ideas about our planet's five physical oceans. The idea exposes the fissure between the reality and our imagination of the oceans. 'The Sixth Ocean' represents what the oceans most likely are not, what we imagine they could be and draws our attention to the current state of this largely under-explored fluid world. Renata Kevi's artistic reflections through the medium of painting encompass imaginary themes of so little-known, yet over-exploited, oceanic world. The oil paintings draw us into a fantasy realm, while positively stimulating our aesthetic appreciation for rich detail, light-depth juxtaposition, diverse artistic techniques, fantastic forms of marine life and florid compositions of underwater habitats.

Renata Kevi's fantastic abstract expressions show her awareness of current environmental issues facing oceanic and marine world and its life, especially fish and corals. The artwork subtly alerts us of the oceans in trouble. From bright to dark paintings - from shallow to deep waters - as if descending to the darkest corners of human soul, Renata weaves a message about human inertia to consume and pollute till we finish with the last supper and metamorphose into the very beings we eat. Renata's paintings astound us with artistic versatility, fresh take on the old medium and strong awareness of contemporary issues afflicting human environment and its condition.

Renata Kevi is an emerging international artist and painter with strong education credentials and experience as a designer. She studied art, industrial and furniture design privately and at such premier institutions as Vilnius College of Design & Construction, Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania), and at European Design Institute Rome (Italy). Renata has also designed accessories, furniture and interiors for private clients and companies.

Renata Kevi successfully participated and won prizes at competitions and exhibitions in Lithuania and Latvia. Her latest exhibition, "˜The Ocean's Dreams', in Rome (Italy), attracted a well deserved publicity in Italy. In 2012 Renata's artwork travelled to exhibitions in Prague and Slavkov-Austerlitz (Czech Republic), Fiuggi, and Rome (Italy).

Renata also took part in an international art symposium in Poland, where painted for the travelling exhibition around Central Europe. Renata Kevi's artwork was displayed at International Contemporary Art Festival 'I Colori Dal Mondo' in Rocella Ionica (Calabria, Italy) in 2012.

In 2013, Renata staged personal exhibitions in Rome (Italy) at Teatro 'Agora '80', 'Associazione 100 Pittori' in Via Margutta, 'Re di Roma' in Piazza della Repubblica, and 'Estemporanea' Centro Culturale Aldo Fabrizi.

AQUART Gallery in Rome is currently home to Renata Kevi's artwork and studio.

The collection of 24 paintings was published in a book: 'Renata Kevi - Ocean's Dreams - 2011'. A new book, "˜Renata Kevi - The Sixth Ocean - 2012' of 55 paintings is dedicated to the exhibition in Prague's Old Town in 2012.


Istituto Europeo di Design, Rome,IT
Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius,LT
Vilnius College of Construction & Design, Vilnius,LT