Renée Trnkova

Renée Trnkova

Prague, Prague 5, Czech Republic

About Renée Trnkova

My work is inspired mainly by nature and its constantly changing colors and light, which I try to capture in oil and acrylics. My garden, to which I often refuge, is a never ending source of vivid inspiration. Another source of inspiration are my many travels and extraordinary encounters.
Painting for me represents inner freedom, is a passion, and a way to express the gratefulness for all the amazing beauty surrounding us.
I live and work in Prague.


Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic
Universita per Stranieri, Perugia, Italy


own exhibitions:
January 2010 – Foyer Danube House, Prague 8
March 2010 – Gallery U Zlatého Kohouta, Prague 1
May 2010 – Restaurant Simply, Prague 8
2010 -2011 - ENWC law office premises, Prague 1
April 2011 – Gallery U Zlateho Kohouta, Prague 1
April 2011 – Gallery U Zlateho Kohouta, Prague 1
July 2012 – Golf Club Beroun clubhouse, Beroun
Dec.2012-Jan. 2013 –Brik Interior Studio, Prague 7
July - August 2013 – Hadji Nikoli Art Gallery, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Participation in exhibitions:
July 2012 –Showcase Barcelona at Casa Battlo, Barcelona, Spain
Aug.2012 – Slavkovsky Sklepmistr, Palais Austerlitz, Slavkov, Czech Rep.
December 2012 – Amsterdam Showcase, De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam
April and June 2013 – Gallery U Zlateho Kohouta, Prague