renee lee smith

renee lee smith

Vancouver, BC, Canada

About renee lee smith

Inspired by the ever changing landscape and beauty of beautiful British Columbia . I find myself continually looking for ways to portray this in my work . Painting is my primary way of expressing my thoughts on the relationship between nature and beauty . I try to be present to the subtleties of life in the moment.Working the paint and waiting to see what appears . This exploration requires a constant reminder to be here in the now. Open to what will unfold, fearful I'll ruin something , but fearless in the ability to try. The mystery and curiosity of life is always surprising ,with painting I can convey the essence of my reality . More recently I have been exploring sculpture in relationship to the female form . I use materials that represent my feelings or what it’s like to see the world as female . Using materials like , Papier - maché for fragility , plaster for vulnerability and bronze for strength . With this approach I shift between oil, watercolor, pencil , ink, textiles ,wax , plaster and bronze . The true story unfolds through patient experimentation.


FIT New York fashion design and illustration degree
Berkeley California painting and sculpture
Vancouver Maiwa textile dye and print
Teaching Oil and watercolor workshops
Life drawing classes for 25 years
Plein air painting 20 years


art work featured in new indie film "no men beyond this point" 2015


Sylvia Hotel exhibit 2012 Vancouver Bc
solo show back gallery project "being there" Vancouver bc 2014
Duel sculpture show back gallery project “both sides now ‘ 2017
Van der Plaz Gallery NYC
Group show Kunst 2020