Riccardo La Monica

Riccardo La Monica

Cerveteri, Italy

About Riccardo La Monica

Riccardo La Monica was born in Rome, Italy, in 1978. Today he lives and paints in Cerveteri, a small town 40 km north of Rome.
He attended the Istituto Arte Artigianato e Restauro in Rome; for the past ten years he has been working as a restorer of paintings, stone materials and mosaics at Church of St. Louis of the French, Villa Medici, Palazzo Farnese, Palazzo di Montecitorio etc.
His journey started off as a self educated painter in 1998. Since then his painting has evolved through the years and achieved more refined techniques and themes.
His personal pictorial journey goes through the search of the unconscious and of the human nature.
When you look at the one of his artwork, you must ask to yourself:
What is that part of you that you hide from yourself and the world.
He also has another great passion, photography, especially street photography in black and white


2018/02 Personal Exhibitions ContemplAzioni Galleria Vittoria Roma

2017/06 Personal Exhibitions "Soli-eloqui" Horti Lamiani Bettivò Roma

2017/04 Collective Exhibitions #SetteSekkei Plus Arte Puls Roma

2016 Personal Exhibitions "Soli-eloqui" Palazzo Ruspoli, Sale Ruspoli Cerveteri (RM)

2014 Personal Exhibitions Esperimenti presso l'Aula Consiliare del Comune di Cerveteri.

2011 "La Violenza e L' Arte" presso I Dioscuri Al Quirinale a Roma Collective Exhibitions.

2011 "EroticaMente" presso Margutta51 Art Gallery a Roma Collective Exhibitions.

2011 "Sette Artisti Sette Stili" presso Il Mondo dell'Arte Palazzo Margutta Collective Exhibitions.

2011 "Luci ed Ombre della Contemporaneità" presso Galleria Cassiopea Collective Exhibitions.

2010 Mostra Personale presso Museo Nazionale Archeologico Cerite.

2010 Collective Exhibitions presso la Sala Espositiva Comunale di Ladispoli.

2010 Personal Exhibitions presso l'Aula Consiliare del Comune di Cerveteri.