Robert H N Rich

Robert H N Rich

Cologne, NRW, Germany

About Robert H N Rich

Robert was educated and trained in art and design at the University of Applied Science in Bielefeld/Germany in the period of 1985 to 1992.
Important subjects : free painting under Prof Dörries Höher, art history under Prof Günther, photography under Prof Dr. Gottfried Jäger and finished with a degree in fashion design under Prof Edmondus Sugiarto.

From 1992 to 1995 he lived and worked as a designer in Montreal/Canada and in Hong Kong, where he intensified his view of art in protrait and landscape painting.
After being back in Germany he decided to move to New York City/USA to study nude drawing and abstract painting at Stacy Studios under New York Artist Don Stacy from 1997 till 1999.

For the past 30 years Robert is blending art with fashion and vise versa. His intuitive and sensitive understanding of color composition has great impact in both, his art and his fashion. This on and on revolving creative and new interpretation of color had always been key factor in his positions for great collections like Champagne, Marc Aurel, Cerruti 1881, Féraud and Kemper.

His love for architecture is reflected by modernism and abstraction in his art and is underlined by his strong and striking signature marks within his works.
His art can be seen at art collections, fairs and exhibitions through North America, Asia and Europe.

A Journey into Light, Color and Space (an analytical interpretation of his 2012/14 solo exhibition tour)
Apparantly in an intoxication of color, Robert is painting his pictures within a deep complexity and releases them of any kind of strict, structural attribution. Rather than this you find plurivalent playgrounds, which are reflecting his technique to apply and remove layers and layers of color and color sections.

A world of color and light is blooming across his canvases; very fine, glossy layers of color alternating with a powerful and striking signature mark and connecting to a brutal context and conclusion of color compositions.

A considerable part of the effective force of his painting procedure is based on the utilization of our naïve and unspoiled ability to regenerate this specific condition of an innocent vision; in this powerful chromaticity of his paintings the analytical way of visualizing is shifting his work to a new level of unspoken mystery. Not the intellect should analyze the picture, but intuition and feeling may impress the informative value and are designing this play of light and color.

The sensation somebody experiences while viewing his paintings can not be directly communicated, especially not through words, but rather need an individual and intuitive reflexion. Color is not just color and its expressiveness is not specially gentle and mellow, but aggressive and demanding; this conventionalizes to be one of the most important essences in his recipe to create paintings and to give statements in form and force.

His work is not reproducible; even a good print is only able to make oneself curious in respect to the profound impact of the painting; this is showing a first and direct parallel to William Turner´s work.
In his abstract informal work you can neither find the figurative nor the geometric language of shapes, however reminiscenses are appearing towards Turner´s late work in his designing of landscapes and shaping paint and creating color compositions. These designs and compositions in its multi colorful semantics are virtually boosting a fantastic vision towards light and space.

You will find an open art work within his paintings, this is not only emphasizing through a non concrete composition of surface, form and perspective, more so over the color itself is the main ingredient of his art. This is stimulating and conducting more than any other material the impact of the painting and becomes the significant messenger to blow up the form and structure of his works.


1985 to 1992 University of Applied Science, Bielefeld, Germany:
Professor Dörries Höher - portrait and free painting
Professor Günther - art history
Professor Dr. G. Jäger - photography
Professor Edmondus Sugiarto - fashion design


Robert´s artworks are collectibles of international recognition and can be seen in public and privat collection in countries around the world, like USA, GB, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, China, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, Spain, France, Belgium and others and are shown e.g. at Landesmuseum Bonn - Germany, Staatskanzlei Schleswig Holstein - Germany, The Prioux Collection, Manhattan Hill - Hong Kong, The BINI Collection Sydney – Australia, Museum Siegburg – Germany, Landtag Schleswig Holstein – Germany and many others.

2 large abstract paintings can be seen at the Landesmuseum Bonn
1 medium size abstract painting found it´s way into the collection of the Museum Siegburg
currently Enigmatic Reflections, show at Galerie Radicke, Bonn, Germany
NordArt, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany
2019 group show with Markus Lüpertz at Galerie Radicke, Bonn, Germany
2019 Galerie Schmidt und Schütte, Cologne, Germany
2018 Solo Show at Toyota Motor Europe, Berlin
2015/2016 - 40 years anniversary of Galerie Radicke/Bonn group exhibition with
Georg Baselitz, A.R.Penck and others

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2020 Landesmuseum Bonn, Germany
2020 Kanzlei Mauel und Partner, Leverkusen, Germany
2019 Landtag Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
2019 Staatskanzlei, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
2019 NordArt, Büdelsdorf, Germany
2019 Galerie Radicke, Bonn, Germany
2019 Galerie Schmidt und Schütte, Cologne, Germany
2018 Solo show at clinic Dr. Claus, Hennef, Germany
2018 LINK Architects, Cologne, Germny
2018 Toyota Motor Europe, Berlin
2017 Musnadi Weskamp Galerie, Tondorf, Germany
2017 Lockhart Gallery, Hong Kong
2017 Galeria Gaudi, Madrid, Group exhibition at Koelner Liste
2016/2017 - Galerie Radicke, Bonn, Germany - Group Show with Markus Lüpertz
2016 Arnavutkoy Art Gallerie, Istanbul, Turkey - Group Show - Modern Expression
2015/2016 Galerie Radicke, Bonn, Germany - group exhibtion Robert Niesse with Georg Baselitz, Jörg Immendorf, Per Kirkeby, Markus Lüpertz, A.R.Penck, Harald Pompl at Galerie Radicke – 40 years anniversary Jubiläumsausstellung, Bonn, Germany
2015 Gallery Ho, New York City, at Berliner Liste
2015 Galerie Radicke, Bonn, Germany
2014 Zee Stone Gallery, Hong Kong
2014 Galerie Höcker, Osnabrück, Germany
2014 A Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York City, USA
2014 Art Foundation Starke, Berlin, Germany
2014 Cologne Paper Art, Cologne, Germany
2014 Blaue Stunde Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2013 Art Week Berlin, B.AIGL Art, Berlin, Germany
2013 Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong
2013 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong
2013 Zee Stone Gallery, Hong Kong
2013 Arnavutkoy Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 A Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York City, USA
2012 Shenzhen Art Fair, Shenzhen, PR China
2012 A Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York City, USA
2012 Zee Stone Gallery, Hong Kong
2012 Atelier Link Architekten, Cologne, Germany