Viacheslav Rogin

Viacheslav Rogin

Kiev, Ukraine

About Viacheslav Rogin

Born in 1954, in Russia.
Long time lived in Middle Asia, in Turkmenistan.
Professional education at the Kiev Institute of Civil Engineering in 1982. Profession - architecture.
In Soviet times, he worked as an architect in the Kiev branch of the Moscow State Design Institute of Electronic Industry.
Works with painting and graphics techniques.
The primary subject-matter is "Boats as People".

All the artist's works are shot through with one common idea - a reflection of mutual relations of "heroes" of picture, the state of their inner tension combined with the outward placidity and tranquility.

The characteristic feature of works of Rogin Vyacheslav is maximum terseness.
The graphic arts of clear stratification of front and distant plans are underlined.
A leading role in the pictures of artist is played by light.
Objects, ridding of stratifications of subject environment, come back to life and enter into independent relations.

A Participant and Winner of many international art exhibitions and competitions in Ukraine, Italy, Poland, US, Spain and United Kingdom.
Grand Prix winner of the European Painting Competition "COLOURS OF THE SEA" (Gdynia, Poland) 2012
The works is in the collections of the Central Maritime Museum in Gdansk, of City Museum of Gdynia and in a private collections in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, Poland..


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