Rojo Bulgaro

Rojo Bulgaro

Velingrad, Bulgaria

About Rojo Bulgaro

I was born in 1990 in town of Velingrad, Bulgaria.
I started to study art when I was 7 years old - I learned to play the piano, but after 3 years I decided to follow with drawing. Today and every time the music is important part of my inspiration.

My first big inspiration in art was the Renaissance. I spend a lot of time learning about the life and arts of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. This was a period in my early teen ages and I keep the realistic manner until now.
My contemporary inspirators are many: Zeng Fanzhi, Gregory Crewdson, Jeff Wall, Andreas Gursky, Marina Abramovic, Masahiro Fukuda,

The main theme in my works regards the importance of the childhood as period for every human, that influences a lot all life.


In 2015, I started my MA in Photography in National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria

In 2009 - 2014 I studied my BA in Graphic Subject in National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria

In 2008 - 2009, I studied in the studio of associate professor Johan Jottov - Graphic Subject.

In 2003, I started work in the home studio of the sculpture Boris Kostov for 5 years.
I studied in the studio of the painter Maria Kollaksuzzova for 2 years - 2000 - 2002.