Ronnie Holmberg

Ronnie Holmberg

Svedala, Sweden

About Ronnie Holmberg

Im born 1950 in the south part of SwedenAll my life I have been drawing and painting and it was my best subject up through the whole school-time.. My father was a very skilful all-round man who taught me a lot. I am autodidact and I totally rely on my feeling to make the right brush stroke at the right time. I have ofen inspiration and I love challengesIm ofen painting big paintings in publicI preferably use oil and acrylic in my paintings but I also use other materials My sculptures is made in clay and bronze Member of:-Swedish Artist-Swedish Art Society-Free Artist-ASI, Denmark-Avisen-AVK, Denmark




Future Shows: Today Im working with Nordic mytologic and Folklore I have begun writing a book in this subject field


- Ronnbergs Art, my own Galleria, open for customers
- India 2013 Project: Keep Our Planet Alive - Event of Art amalgamation on climate change, nature and environment
Exhibition: SanskrutiBhavan, Directorate of Art & Culture, Goa
(Duration 16 - 27 februari 2013)
- Artexpo 2015, Manhattan, NY USA
- Fotevikens Museum, Höllviken 2014, 2015
- Eastern Exhibition, greatest event in South Sweden(participated in many years)
- Autum Exhibition, VSKG, event every year
- Castle of Trollenas
- Spring exhibition of Stockholm
- KNUT-projekt