Roque Reyes

Roque Reyes

Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico

About Roque Reyes

Roque Reyes Mendoza is a Oaxacan painter and multidisciplinary artist. He studied fine art in the Autonomous University of Benito Juarez in Oaxaca City and is self-taught. He specializes in oil and acrylic painting. Roque has worked as an art teacher and professor of art history in Mexico and has collaborated with NGOs that support vulnerable groups, applying his knowledge of visual expression in social projects to promote food sovereignty, culture and environmental protection. Roque currently produces original artworks at his studio located in Oaxaca City, many of which are featured in local galleries throughout the city.


2006-2010.- Visual and Plastic Arts.
Autonomous University Benito Juarez of Oaxaca.

2006-2008.- Drawing and lithography.
Rufino Tamayo workshop. Oaxaca, Mx.


2020.- “Progresiones” Grup Exhibition
Gallery "Quintana". Oaxaca, México.

2018.- “730 days and nights” Individual Exhibition
Hotel "Casa Chicatana". Oaxaca, México.

2018.- "Graduates 2nd Generation" Collective exhibition
Shinzaburo Takeda Gallery of the UABJO. Oaxaca, México.

2017.- “Graphic house” Collective Expo-sale.
Magic Theater Festival, Oaxaca, México.

2016.- “Roque, painting and graphics” Individual exhibition
Convivio Oaxaca, cultural center and Co-Worker space. Oaxaca, México.

2016.- “Dialogues about UK” Individual portfolio presentation.
Casa Rosa, independent cultural center. Oaxaca, México.

2015.- “Fields and tables” Collective exhibition
First Food Residency Bristol, UK

2013.- “Audiovisual Plastic Experimentation” Collective Exhibition
Contemporary Room Gallery. Oaxaca, México.

2013.- “Young people in their daily landscape” Collective photographic exhibition
Made in the garden the "Pañuelito". Oaxaca, México.

2013.- “Homage to Posada” Collective exhibition
San Agustín Arts Center, Oaxaca, México.

2012.- “Young people and the visual spring of their crises and hopes” Collective photographic exhibition
In the Manuel Álvares Bravo Photographic Center. Oaxaca, México.