Rene Bekker

Rene Bekker

Zoetermeer, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

About Rene Bekker

Using old techniques he mixes classical principles with modern imagery, sometimes vice versa.

His focus is mainly directed at registering silence and those rare moments in which the temporary and the eternal seem to blend together. The beauty of man unobserved. Revealing the true self in an image. In that sense he tries to peel back the layers and record what’s behind the eyes, either in the depicted or in the viewer.

Born in Katwijk aan den Rijn (Netherlands) in a family of builders and fishermen with a keen eye for craftsmanship. For him, beauty is not just functional, but a sign of the hand and love of the maker.

Creativity is important within the family and surroundings he grew up in. As a result he was stimulated to develop his creativity early on.  His parents weren’t really happy with his chosen medium: permanent marker on tables. After that he was supplied with pencils and paper.

Surrounded at home  by antiques, objects with stories, and art he started to ask a number of questions: why is it that some objects and art seem to have an inner balance? How do you depict feelings? Can an object also represent the love you feel for it?

A fascination for history, art and art history developed early on. This resulted in an almost encyclopedic knowledge about various subjects and visits to various museums and exhibitions. A love of and fascination for art history has remained constant throughout.

Later on in life he had the pleasure and opportunity to live in Vienna. This experience made him aware of the transience, desire and melancholy of that city, but also the importance of beauty in everyday life.

His painting started when he was sixteen: an art teacher allowed him to play with oil. This was the first step in a journey that still continues to this day. Completely self-taught he studies the old masters and tries to integrate his knowledge in his own art.

Art, which he appreciates as a craft as well.


2017 "Archetypes", The Hague, The Netherlands
2016 Opening exhibition Mimesia Gallery, The Hague, The Netherlands
2016 "The "Bekkers'': a family in art", Katwijk, The Netherlands
2014 "Orange" exhibition, Katwijk