Rusudan Khizanishvili

Rusudan Khizanishvili

Tbilisi, Georgia

About Rusudan Khizanishvili

I paint with my emotions. Colors are my brainwaves. I invite onlookers into multilayer portals through my imagery animals as symbolic door handles between cultures, nations, times and identities. They are also the door handles that give me a way to an unknown world, full of stories. It is a mystical underground way which, is neither romantic or attractive. Therefore, hardships and storms of life are background to the new world of escape or freedom.
Daily routines are depicted in the paintings also. Women with their wishes, ups and downs, and thoughts are going to be the main characters. Sunglasses, masks, geometrical elements, lipsticks, postcards, and photos are some of the elements which are used for my paintings. Everything what can be around us must be used, but without harming the environment. Human beings, fantastic animals and expressive character as a cultural phenomenon are the main subjects of the paintings of mine.
Latest theme of my compositions is called Conversion Device. It explores transformations of humans into a new specie through undergoing their own death and rebirth by passage through mythical conversion device. Humans starved in digital reality are escaping into natural preserves.


Rusudan lives and paints in Tbilisi, Georgia. She was born in 1979 and received her two BFAs in Painting from J.NikoladzeArt School and from Tbilisi State Academy of Art. In 2005Rusudan received her MA in Film Studies from Tbilisi State Academy of Art. For Rusudan a blank canvas is an escape road or intradimensional portal to the new world created by her imagination. This world is populated by strong women who carry their social burden day in and day out, while retaining their archetypal allure. Rusudan also frequently includes animals that serve as symbolic guides between cultures and identities. Her confident use of color combined with a palpable and often sensuous handling of oil paint demonstrates a maturity that proved her interesting to many galleries and residences across the world. In 2015 ten of her works have been bought by the Georgian National Museum of History and Culture as part of the Georgian national heritage.



01.07..2019 – King Is Female,Three Georgian Artists,written by Nina Mdivani, courtesy by Alfred Kornfeld,Publisher Wienand Verlag,Berlin,Germany.

Upcoming Shows
12.04.2020 – Group Show “14 days Stay Home Notice” ,INSTINC .Artsy Online.

Past Shows 2018/2019
25.03.2020 – Solo Show “Let Me Read Your Secret Thoughts” Window Project, Tbilisi,Georgia - Posponed
Past Exhibitions:

14.02.2020 – Group Show “ In Search Of The Miraculous”, MoMA Tbilisi, Georgia

17.01.2020 – Duo Show “ Defining Otherness’ Assemblyroom NYC, New York, US

29.07.2019 – Group Show, Bait Al Zubair Museum ,Muscat, Oman

25.07.2019 – Group Show “Divergent Motion” ,DeplphianGallery,London,UK

17.05.2019 – Group Show “In Situ/In Vivo ,Tbilisi State Silk Museum,Tbilisi.,Georgia

14.05.2019 – Tbilisi Art Fair,Tbilisi,Georgia
15.05.2019 – Group Show,Galerie Am RotenHof,Vienna,Austria
22.03.2019- 08.04.2019 – Copper Leg Art Residency,Estonia
15.03.2019 – 15.04.2019 – Image And Likeness,GroupExhibition,MOMA Tbilisi.
26.01.2019 - Solo Exhibition,Museum of Fine Art,Nalchik,Russian Federation
03.03.2018 –Solo Exhibition – Conversion Device/ Literature Musem,Tbilisi/Georgia

20.04.2018 - Solo Exhibition,Mark Rothko's Art Residency,Daugavapils,Latvia

05.05.2018 - 3 Künstlerinnenausdem Land des goldenenVlieses,galerieHalle,Linz,Austria

23.06.2018 –Rusudan Khizanishvili and KC Ortiz ,New Image Art Gallery,SantaMonica,USA

17.07.2018 - Solo Exhibition, Oni Local Museum,Oni/Georgia

08.09.2018 – Three Georgian Women,VillaWessel,Iserlohn,Germany

18.11.2018 – Group Show Wilma W.Daniels/Wilmington/NC/USA

2016 / 2017

22.10.2017 -Breedartstudios ,Amsterdam,Nederland

29.06.2017 - Group Exhibition,AlloucheGallery,NYC,USA

29.04.2017 – Solo exhibition, KunsthausSummerau,Germany

29.03.2017- Solo Exhibition ,Galerie Am RotenHof,Vienna,Austria

27.03.2017 - Group Exhibition,19Karen Contemporary Space,GoldCoast,Australia

20.01.2017 – Group Exhibition ,Arundel Contemporary ,Arundel, UK


20.03.2016 - Solo Exhibition,Tours,France

23.05. 2016 - Main Prize at Związek Polskich Artystów Plastyków ,Gliwice , Poland

02.07. 2016 – Group Show Sianoja International Art Symposium ,Noja,,Spain

23. 06. 2016 - Group Show – Paperworks ,Upstream Gallery, New York, USA

20.09.2016 – Group Show Gallery Mezanine,NorthCarolina,USA

13.11.2016– Group Show CAB Gallery,Amman,Jordan
Group Exhibition “ Artist’s Book” , Georgian National Museum of History, Tbilisi,Georgia
Rusudan’s works are saved in Georgian Museum of History and Culture as part of Georgian National Heritage

11.05.2015 –“Crawling Border “ .One of creators of Georgian National Pavilion at the 56th Venice Art Biennale

25.06.2015 - Solo Show , Mauregard Gallery, Perche, France

18.09.2015 – Solo Show,Galerie Am Roten Hof,Vienna ,Avstria


Solo Show ,Sfumato Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

Group Show ,Qatar,Doha

Group Show/Art Symposium ,Eger,Hungary

Group Show / Art Symposium Konya,Turkey

Group Show - Art Festival Zhas-star,Almaty,Kazakhstan

Group Show - Irok Gallery , Horst- Paningen,Netherlands


Solo Show - Gallery Foresight 32,Amman,Jordan

Group Show - Gallery Foresight 32,Amman,Jordan

Group Show / International Art Symposium, Eger, Hungary

Group Show /Artist in Residency - Mark Rothko’s Art Residency ,Daugavapils, Latvia

Group Show for Charity Foundation DIAS- Dubai / International Art Symposium

Group Show /Luxor Art Symposium ,Luxor ,Egypt

Group Show "Karvasla- gallery" - Caucasian artist exhibition "Hello,Caucasus"

Duo Show with artist Galya Popova "The lost secrets", "ArtMix Gallery", Moscow, Russia