imuzi ryzoncity Thompson

imuzi ryzoncity Thompson

Louisville, KY, United States

About imuzi ryzoncity Thompson

I have no intentions of creating prints for my artworks; therefore, prices do reflect singularity, with my exclusive original artwork.

My artworks is separated in collections to mark my improvements; I've completed two collections and I am currently developing a third.

The artworks showcased on Saatchi are from The TOMAATO 2018 Art Collection and The DAAKNISS 2017 Art Collection. Please see artwork descriptions for details.

Born in JAMAICA i didn't grow up having allot of anything this drove me to create from an early age; as far as I can remember. It started with my two imaginary friends when I was two, then wiremen when I became three, made from color-coated telephone wires. I continued this practice for many years, creating my own toys and my own movies with these characters.

My dreams kept me up at night as back then I couldn't handle varying thoughts; especially those so contradictory to reality. Extremely gorgeous women with large penises, very old women raping me, men morphing together with other men and symbols that had no meaning in reality but was so scary I used to wish I would die before I fall asleep so they could stop dancing beneath my eyes. I could go on…

When I became 8yrs everything changed, in the physical world and in my dreams. It was a very dark period of my life and looking back now as I write this, I realized my brain must've developed these new dreams to help me cope with reality.

As a child I was very aware of people's feelings especially my mothers, she made us laugh during a long summer of hunger when we had nothing to eat but bitter mustard leaves we found outside in the yard growing wild, she made us cry as she whooped us for being rude to each other or other disobediences towards her strict commands. There is much more to these times I now remember; but even so, my dreams took me away from the harshness of our reality.
One night I dreamt that I will become the purity that stood in the midst of garbage. I woke up crying, that was the first and last time I cried out in my dream and still cried after as if I was in serious pain, my head was on fire from an emotional turmoil I could not discern the source of. From that day I only had dreams of the future but not a significantly distant future but one that was nearing, one that was specific to a place, an environment. I've startled my friends before predicted the countenance of a place without going there and when we arrived it was exactly as I described it.

My dreams inspire me to create, I can even dream while I am awake if I meditate hard enough. Dreaming is how I escape from a difficult life; I sometimes look forward to dreams more than I do sleep. When I have ideas to draw, I am powerless to act on them without my dreams providing me the right direction. How do I end a poem, how do I start a story, how do I draw an image and how do I create? I must dream to begin and to end.

I often see myself in the interviews of dead artists like Francis Bacon and Basquiat, the way their life was based on the documentaries i can relate to their lifestyle and aspirations. I operate on the masters frequencies i yearn to prove this is my upcoming collection. I want to set myself apart as being daring to try hard at something most people would consider to be improper or untouched. i am embarking on a new journey that i may fail to bring across to the world due to its nature but deep inside me no matter how wrong this feels i think it must be done and by me.

"There's always more... Eccentric Artistry." – imuzi ryzoncity Thompson

c. March, 2021


Self-Taught Eccentric Artist.

Mediums: Archival Pen, Ink, Colored Premium Ink, India Ink, mechanical pencils and regular shading pencils (for sketching) on on Bristol paper, Watercolor Paper and Thick Watercolor Paper.


RAWartists Rawk Art showcase Nashville TN, December 19, 2018. My first showcase in the USA

Liguanea Art Festival December 3rd, 2017 Kingston, Jamaica. The largest outdoor Exhibition in the Caribbean.


RAWartists Rawk Art showcase Nashville TN, December 19, 2018. My first showcase in the USA

Liguanea Art Festival December 3rd, 2017 Kingston, Jamaica. The largest outdoor Exhibition in the Caribbean.