Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez

Madrid, Spain

About Carlos Sanchez

Madrid-born and -based artist SAHI paints in a dramatic style that arrests and holds viewers' attention through a series of powerful yet delicately balanced disparities. Most evidently his style of figurative composition, which focuses on between one and three subjects "” portrait sitters, dancers, athletes, etc. "” mixes very representational human characters with drips, distortions and powerful expressionist brushstrokes whose disfiguring effects at times evoke Francis Bacon. This mix of controlled precision and fervent brushwork works together with the other tensions that make SAHI's works so engaging and exciting.

Chief among these is the manner in which his subjects' elegant embodiment of poise and strength, restraint and power, echoes the artist's steady yet expressive hand and brush. The relationship between those figures and their abstract surroundings provides another source of understated conflict, with backdrops of bright primaries and muted monochromes seemingly threatening to overwhelm the human actors performing against them. But in every case SAHI maneuvers these agile and powerful elements into an exquisite equilibrium.


2014 - Art in mind - The Brick Lane Gallery, London
2014 - Several locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
2013 – New Art – Galleria 360. Florence
2012 – Interpretive Realms – Agora Gallery. New York
2011 – Skimo Arte – Madrid
2011 – Skimo Arte (collective) – Madrid
2010 – XX Feria de los Artistas – Madrid
2009 – Feria de Arte Independiente de Madrid – Madrid