Sai Pradhan

Sai Pradhan

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

About Sai Pradhan

Sai is Indian and American, and lives in Hong Kong. She creates highly textured abstracts with mixed materials and a variety of tools.

Her work reflects her lived experience of being a woman of colour in a world of various -isms, who is deeply invested in understanding how cultures and systems of oppression come to be, how we deal with them from various levels of power, and how that relates to our history, our fast-changing natural environment, our contemporary psychology, and our social structures and institutions.

While creating the pieces currently shared, she is reminded of the words and thoughts of some of her favourite writers and poets as her work comes together — people who have articulated their struggles, concerns, and contemplations in profound ways. The quotes you see associated with each piece and the works they come from, have provided Sai intellectual succour in turbulent times. They reflect the sentiment she wants to convey through each piece.

Find photographs of her process, materials, and different angles of her artwork on Instagram (@sai_pradhan_art) and on her website ( You can reach Sai at


The George Washington University, BA, International Relations and French Literature

University of Edinburgh, LLM, International Law

School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Term Abroad

Insight School of Interior Design, Summer Course

Harvard Kennedy School of Government, part of an executive education course on leadership