salvo veneziano

salvo veneziano

palermo, sicily, Italy

About salvo veneziano

Salvo Veneziano
Journalist for specialized photo magazines and professional photographer since 80s, in last years is mainly teaching photography at “ACSI Palermofoto" and going ahead with his artistic research.
He uses both digital and silver photography and is experimenting a lot with some old printing techniques like cyanotype on glass plate and bichromate gum printing.
Salvo often uses plastic toy cameras like Diana or Holga to achieve directly on the film the atmosphere and the effects and the defects he is looking for (i.e. Kinesphera and 900B series).
In the half of 90s, Salvo started a research on the female nude, he worked in B&W and used a torch to paint the bodies in the darkness. About 15 years later he started to print that photos (until then never published and still in progress) on glass, giving color to the bodies through the blue of cyanotype. The glass plates of the "Blue nudes" serie are each one an unique piece, in each one the imperfections of the emulsion painting confuse itself with the painting of the light on the bodies.


Selected exhibitions

Arezzo & Fotografia 2018
90100 Project, Palermo Capitale della Cultura 2018
Arles Voies Off 2018
Arles Voies Off 2017
Festival Européen de la photo de nu 2017, Espace Van Gogh, Arles
Arezzo & Fotografia 2016
Arles Voies Off 2016
Arles Voies Off 2015
Slow Photo Bologna arte fiera 2014
Geografie e storie di transizioni Palermo 2014
900B Fautographie Palermo 2010
"Acts" America's Cup Torretta Granitola 2006
Focales Coudekerque Branche 1995
Festival D'Art Huy 1993
Liberty festival New York 1986