Sarah Pearl Kazi

Sarah Pearl Kazi

London, United Kingdom

About Sarah Pearl Kazi

My recent works are on issues of my identity. Who am I? Do I want to be stereotyped with any preconceived term? Is my work now diasporic?
My paintings can be considered biographical but I'm not trying to make any political statement of my identity, culture or my sense of belonging in a new culture that I have now adopted. I realize my identity today is all tangled up with so many influences and changes; some changes consciously scripted, some not but do I need to untangle them at all? Instead of finding any coherence in it, sometimes I'm happy being in this state of flux.
Currently my works and I are in a moment of transition, trying to negotiate with new concepts and maybe through that one day forge my own free identity?


MA- Contemporary Art Theory, Goldsmiths College, University of London [2008]
BFA- Drawing and Painting, Sir JJ School of Art, University of Mumbai [2007]