Sarah Arensi

Sarah Arensi

San Colombano al Lambro (MILANO), Lombardy, Italy

About Sarah Arensi

I'm Italian, but my home is the world... to small ... my home is the entire universe. I worked alongside great masters on the international scene in theater, film, fine art and spirituality, with over 20 years of experience. I'm inspired by silence, nature, inner peace, love, humankind, beauty, and all that is alive and divine ... plus the unlimited, unknown and mysterious field of consciousness. I believe that art in all its forms and manifestations is an immediate and powerful way to reach awareness, leading humanity to evolution. My art goals are to expand consciousness, to awaken the spirit within ourselves, to create a better world, to create beauty that save the world, to create awareness and compassion, contribute to the path of enlightenment in all human beings.
I'm a spiritual/shamanic artist, performer, ecstatic art coach, and creative energy catalyzer. My deep love for creative energy and ecstatic flow led me to deepen and experience art, alchemy, awakening, presence, spiritual and energetic medicine, unconditional love, mysticism, shamanism. “I co-create my paintings together with the source of life. Life always gifted me with a strong longing for spiritual awakening and I put that energy into my art.” My clients are spread across different countries around the globe: Italy, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Lebanon, New Mexico, California, New York, Dubai. I exhibited in some of the most important art cities in the world: Milan, Rome, Bologna, Paris, New York, Miami, Los Angeles.


She attended Brera Fine Arts Accademy and Theatre School with important masters of the international scene: Igino Legnaghi, Stefano Zecchi, Kuniaki Ida, Enrico Maria Salerno,
Mamadou Dioume, Yoshi Oida, Bruce Myers, Beatrice Libonati, Giuseppe Perruccio. She worked in international theater and film productions both as actress and producer. The love of inner transmutation, expansion of being and spirituality led her to meet different ways and masters on the awakening path. As sufism, taoism, tantra shamanism lover, she combined the exploration of
body, mind, emotions, energy and spirit, studying, experimenting and practicing directly with some of following masters: yoga, meditation, spiritual and energetic medicine (Barbara Brennan)
qigong, taj chi and Taoist meditation (Mantak Chia, Dr Chang, Water Way), spiritual vocal coaching with Liz Dixon (Orson Welles and Margaret Thatcher vocal coach), Karmic regressions (Rich
Phillips), nutrition (Elizabeth Gray Gibaud). Some of the teachers who inspired and still inspire her: Giuseppe Perruccio, Psalm Isadora, Tommy and Fiamma Petersson, Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat
Hahn, Shiva Rea, Kia Miller, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Mooji, Christie Marie Sheldon, Rick Philipps, Marianne Williamson, Gabrielle Bernstein, Roberto Cerè, FOL, Asa Kullberg.


She is author of ”Creative Visualization" 5 guided audio-meditation program with a series of powerful meditations that guide you to find light, truth, energy and lucidity in
daily life. She is author of "Art transforms you" ebook where she guides you to get in touch and express your true voice through art.
For MindValley/Omnama she wrote "More creative in 18 minutes”, an audio meditation to increase creativity and inspiration. She leads "Free the Artist Within" a creative program of workshops/retreats/online events/private sessions where she teaches how to discover your artistic originality and use it in your life.


Lodi - Nomad Art Mida Gallery - "SPIRIT" solo exhibition July 2019

Capoliveri - Tenuta delle Ripalte - “Divine Love” 2018
solo exhibition • curator Tenuta delle Ripalte

Modena - June 2017 - solo exhibition
c/o Avery Gallery

exhibition/performance with: Sarah Arensi painter and performer, Ludovico Maria Gilberti fine art photographer, Fanny Abbà visual director
Curator Luca Curci

Cortona - REBORN, The Circle of Life Art Gallery
exhibition/performance with: Sarah Arensi painter and performer, Ludovico Maria Gilberti fine art photographer, Fanny Abbà visual director
Curator Elia Roggi

Monza - REBORN, Villa Contemporanea
exhibition/performance with: Sarah Arensi painter and performer, Ludovico Maria Gilberti fine art photographer, Fanny Abbà visual director
Curator FuoriSerrone art events

New York (US) - “Contemporary Perspectives”
a Collective Exhibition, Agora Gallery
curator Angela di Bello

Miami (US) - “Miami Spectrum Art Fair, December 2015”
Wikiarte Gallery
curatore Deborah Patroni

Roma - “Nuove tendenze nell’arte contemporanea”
Galleria il Leone
curator Ginco Portacci

New York (US) - “Kaleidoscopic of the Mind”
a Collective Exhibition, Agora Gallery
curator Angela di Bello

Bologna - “Expo Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea”
Arte Fiera Bologna, Galleria Farini
curator Roberto Dudine, Grazia Gaudenzi

Bologna - “Arte a Palazzo”
Galleria Farini Concept
curator Roberto Dudine, Grazia Gaudenzi

Bologna - “Estasi”
solo exhibition, Galleria Wikiarte
curator Deborah Petroni, Critic Denitza Nedkova

Milano - “Road to the Art”
Parco Idroscalo
curator Federico Caloi, AresArteTV, Provincia di Milano
Sarah Arensi, Carlo Franchi, Gianfranco Malchiodi, Giovanni Manzoni Piazzalunga, Stefano Marangon, Lia Pascaniuc, Guikni Rivera, Alessio Serpetti, Bruno Tosi e Ugo Venturini

Palermo, Villa Malfitano Whitaker - “Biennale Internazionale di Palermo”
Complesso monumentale Guglielmo II – Galleria Civica G. Sciortino – Loggiato S. Bartolomeo
curator Sandro Serradifalco

Roma, largo Argentina - “OpenArt Market”
curator Antonietta Campilongo

Parma - "artisti in Mostra”
Parma Art Fair