Lyubov Tsoy

Lyubov Tsoy

Vladovostok, Primorskiy (Maritime) Kray, Russia

About Lyubov Tsoy

Hello, my name is Lyubov. I live in a small town near the Sea of Japan. It excites my feelings and is the main source of inspiration. The main thing in art for me is to convey the inner emotion that is hidden inside. It is through paintings that we can show the world our inner self, existential problems and experiences. I have always been a quiet introvert, so paintings are the very means to Express myself and my inner sense of beauty that is available to my hands and heart. I hope that the excitement and awe caused by a rising wave, a calm daytime city, a field full of silence, or a raging ocean will be felt in the works. Only behind the canvas do I feel the same humility, calm confidence and awe that I feel on the seashore. Enjoy watching and diving into the pool of my soul.


- School with an aesthetic bias 2000-2011
- Faculty Of design of buildings and structures at the Far Eastern Federal University 2011-2015