Sardar Jadhav

Sardar Jadhav

AURANGABAD (Maharashtra), Indian Artist, India

About Sardar Jadhav

Born at Dhotra, a village located in Ajanta mountains, in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, on 1 July 1971, I was inclined to the art of painting, reading and writing from my school days. Mooning around Ajanta caves was my passion as a child, and waterfalls, stones and sand, birds, animals trees fascinated, and Ajanta paintings and sculptures have deeply influenced me. Moreover, I developed a strong sense of bonding towards the folk artist who used to come to my village for earning their bred and butter. I observed and studied their art with great affection. Religious wall paintings made on occasions of religious ceremonies, folk songs and stories have also left their mark on my mind.

These creative impressions, eventually, took me to painting- painting walls of local temples, general store boards, road indicators to begin with. I preferred to get admitted to Government College of Fine Arts despite doing very good in matriculation. But it was only to have found that the education in painting highly expensive. I used to stay at the asylum adjacent to Aurangabad caves. My financial condition deterioted, and I cut short my education, and took up a job in a daily, and later, in many a daily as freelance illustrator. Cover designing, illustrations for literary books at almost negligible price was also there. During this period I tried my hand at creative writing also, and published five books - Maanasa an Kanasa(collection of short stories); Koyataa(Autobiography); Nagataandav(Play); Daat(Novel). I write for screen as well. I have rigorously been experimenting in painting, cover designing, illustrations, layout and calligraphy until the date. Lines, strokes, colours have been mediums of my expression

Comments: Painting is my passion. Want to establish an Art Gallery at my native village Dhotra located near historical Ajanta Caves.