Sasha Robinson

Sasha Robinson

London, London, United Kingdom

About Sasha Robinson

An entirely self-taught and independent emerging artist whose artworks are held in private collections in the USA, UK, Europe, Singapore and Russia.

I never knew I could adore doing something so much! I express my emotions through the colours on the canvas.

Each painting is filled with my passion for life, perception of people, a vision of this world, and my love of art


2019, #Vlubiystvo, Art Exhibition Space, Moscow (Personal exhibition)
2018, ARTIS Gallery, Sankt Moritz, Switzerland
2017, ARTIS Gallery, Moscow
2017, GLICH Art Festival, Moscow
2017, Concept Market, Moscow
2017, FLUX Exhibition, London, UK
2017, Raketa Festival, Red October, Moscow
2016, Izo Gallery, Moscow
2016, Presentation of Summer Program, Moscow Museum
2016, Art is all around, Moscow
2015, #LoveIsHerLife, Moscow (Personal exhibition)
2015, ArtWhoArt#4, Moscow
2015, ArtWhoArt#3, Moscow
2014 Mountain Olympic Village Sochi 2014, Sochi, Russia
2013, Parallax Art Fair, London, UK