Seda Eyüboğlu

Seda Eyüboğlu

Istanbul, Europe, Turkey

About Seda Eyüboğlu

Seda Eyuboglu was born in 1976, in Istanbul.
By bringing her feelings together with the naturality of the clay, at her abstract and figurative works created with the usage of different materials and techniques, Seda Eyuboglu stands out texture, light, balance of shadows, harmony comprised of full and empty concepts and asymmetric rhythm within the symmetry.


Interior Architect, Yeditepe University, İstanbul


2021 Beyond the Boundry - Mercedes Sponsored / İstanbul, Turkey
2020 Milano Affordable Art Fair
2020 İstanbul Art and Antique
2019 Milano Affordable Art Fair
2019 Ankara Art Fair
2019 Step İstanbul Art Fair
2019 'Derindeki Özgürlük' Karma Sergi, İstanbul
2018 İstanbul Art Show