Wolfgang Semmelrock

Wolfgang Semmelrock

Vienna, Austria

About Wolfgang Semmelrock

Wolfgang Semmelrock, was born in Austria in 1971 and raised in Germany. He lives and works in Vienna and in Chicago.

Coming from a background in architecture, he was particularly interested in experimental architecture and above all in inflatable structures and objects. He worked for artists like Jeff Koons and Gerwald Rockenschaub and soon developed and exhibited his own works. Inspired by geometrical structures, he started his career by creating inflatable objects such as the CUBE, which draw on the energetic and physical principals of life and the universe in general, at the same time exploring the invisible psyche and the unconscious mind. The onset of a myopathy caused him to intensify his search for self-awareness and to deepen his personal experience. His paintings are an expression of these processes which also inform his creative output. In Asian calligraphy, martial arts, ZEN meditation and archery, transpersonal psychology and art therapy he found the teachings to aid him in a better understanding.

In 2001, he held his first exhibition presenting and performing inflatable objects at the Museum of Contemporary and Applied Arts in Vienna, at the same time studying East Asian calligraphy with a Japanese ZEN master in San Francisco. These two forms of expression, painting as well as developing and experimenting with inflatable objects, are still dominating his artistic work today. His keen interest in painting brought him to the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago and resulted in an exhibition of his inflatables at the MCA Warehouse for Art Chicago in 2009. He continues to work in Chicago and to travel between the United States and Europe, exhibiting at home and abroad.

His inflatable objects are three-dimensional representations which have their roots in architecture, combined with the mechanical process of inflation. Diffuse forms are transformed into structured shapes, at the same time representing the search and discovery of analogies. In sketches, the artist researches physical as well as spiritual laws, which then become visible in three-dimensional space; thus, an object like the CUBE becomes an expression of geometric principles in life and the universe; the COSMIC EGG offers an analogy to alchemy; the ANGEL WINGS represents an analogy to the realms of the spirit and the psyche, the universe and the power of transformation; the LOTUS stands for the world of nature.

All of these objects have a strong and transformative impact on public spaces; the ANGEL WINGS are currently part of a photo series and a charity project in Chicago.

The paintings continue to explore and reflect upon the realms of conscious/ unconscious processes; they are the expression of a deeply personal spiritual experience - of the artist´s physical predicament as well as of his focus on energy and healing.

Furthermore, Wolfgang Semmelrock uses the principles of East Asian calligraphy to initiate interaction with his audience in so called „One Stroke Performances“, demonstrating his own "One Moment Painting Style" in happenings such as „One Stroke to Paradise“ or „Samurai With a Brush“.



1990 Abitur / Baden-Baden / Germany_
1990- 1993 Learning ArtSteelwork and Design Studies in Hannover / Germany
1992-1999 working as DJ Electronic/D&B/Tech
1993-1998 Studies in Architecture - Technical University Vienna / A
1998-2003 Studies and Works on experimental Architecture and pneumatic Art /A/UK/USA_
2003-2009 Studies East-Asian calligraphy & modern painting with Kazuaki Tanahashi / A / USA _
2006-2008 Training in multimedia arttherapy / OeAGG / Vienna / A_and since 2013: certified practitioner by Stanislav Grof / USA
2008 International Summeracademy / Painting / Zhou Brothers / Salzburg / A
2009 Artist in Residence at the Zhou B. Art Center / Chicago / USA
2010 Artist in Residence at Villa Sträuli/ Winterthur / CH
Since 2019: Member / Association of Austrian Artists - Künstlerhaus Vienna / A
Since 2001: Member / Art-Association of Carinthia -Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt / A
Art-Award 2003 - Bank Austria, Gallery 3 / A
Longer Journeys :(+ 1 Month ) India, France, Germany, USA , UK and Switzerland
Main Studio in Vienna and temporary in Chicago.


coming up:
_11th of July 2020:
Opening "PlanetBerg 2020" at the Alban Berg House / Park in Auen at the WörtherLake / Carinthia / A
04.March - 04.May 2020:
Opening "IMAGINE" at Hartmann.Vienna
- St.Stephens place - Vienna / A
06./07. March 2020:
ReOpening _ KünstlerHaus Vienna and ArtWorkshop
January 2020_
24 th January - Opening - GroupExhibition Art for kaz. KunstRaum Villach / A
MusicFestival "More Ohr Less" with Roedelius, Story, Chaplin, Blüchel etc. - Opening in Lunz at the lake
Alban Berg Waldvilla / Park - public opening - self-curated Project "PlanetBerg 2019" with artists and musicians
"PlanetSound" Project - Installation
at the UNO in Vienna for COPUOS 2019 in cooperation with UNOOSA and the Foreign Ministry of Austria -
Opening Day with exhibition of NASA and 50th Moon-landing anniversary etc.
The Other Art Fair Chicago
July/August 2018
"OuterPlanet Gustav1” and the “SoundHelmet”
at Gallery Walker / Carinthia / A
05th July 2018:
"PlanetSound 2018" ArtProject - self-curated
Opening _ at the Gustav Mahler Composition House / Maiernigg at Lake Wörthersee / Carinthia / A
ANGEL WINGS inflatable art installation
May: Opening - ANGEL WINGS Portraits Series at exhibition night in Sedgwick Studio in OldTown / Chicago / USA
- Start of #myangelwings artproject (real-time and online ) ANGEL WINGS Portraits Series Chicago 2017
Painting Performance "one stroke painting" #11 with calligraphy master Kazuaki Tanahashi (USA) at the japanese embassy/cultural center in Vienna / A_
03/2016 Auction Sotheby´s for > Seedingart 2016
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2020 / 07-08 Alban Berg Waldvilla / Park - ArtProject "PlanetBerg 2020" in the serie of "PlanetenKlang" at Lake Wörthersee / Auen / Carinthia / A
#selfcurated #public #music #performance #installation #photography
2020 / 03-05 Hartmann.Vienna - St.Stephens place -
Painting-Sculpture and paintings -Display/Window and showroom - Vienna / A
2020 / 01-04 KunstRaum Villach - GroupExhibition "Art for kaz." - E. Wedenig - R. Zechner - R. Kaplenig - T. Cassini - G. Fischer-Kondratovich - I. Loitzl - ua. / Villach / A #curated
2019 / 12 Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt - GroupExhibition / A
2019 / 08 More Ohr Less Festival 2019 - stage at the lake (Seebühne) with Roedelius and other electronic music pioneers: C.Chaplin - T.Story - H. Blüchel - ua. at Lunz am See / A
#curated #installation
2019 / 07-08 Alban Berg Waldvilla / Park - ArtProject "PlanetBerg 2019" in the serie of "PlanetenKlang" at Lake Wörthersee / Auen / Carinthia / A
#selfcurated #public #music #performance #installation #photography
2019 / 06 UNO Vienna - on invitation of the
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) - Austrian Art Position for the : Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space 2019 (COPUOS) / Vienna / A #installation #object
09/2018 The Other Art Fair Chicago at Mana Contemporary / Chicago / USA
07/08 2018 Gallery Walker "PlanetLaboratory” / Castle Ebenau / A
#exhibition house at the gallery park
07/2018 Gustav Mahler Composition House at the Woerthersee (lake) in Carinthia - ArtProject "PlanetSound" - Installations and performances at Maiernigg /A
05/2017 Exhibition "soundofcrickets" with students of the ArtInstitute at Sedgwick Studio / Chicago /USA
09/2016 Japanese Embassy and Cultural Center in Vienna - Exhibition "east asian calligraphy and modern painting" Exhibition with Kazuaki Tanahashi / Vienna / A
03/2016 Auction Sotheby´s for > Seedingart 2016...
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