Sergey Tonkanov

Sergey Tonkanov

Chernihiv, Chernihiv region, Ukraine

About Sergey Tonkanov

My name is Sergey Tonkanov. I am an artist from the city of Chernihiv. I have been interested in art since childhood. At 18, I decided to develop my talent as an artist and for 4 years I studied painting and graphic courses. After completing my studies at the courses of the arts, I devoted my life to art. And now I’ve been doing art for 15 years. Most of all I am inspired to create oil painting of large and medium sizes. The main styles are surrealism and urbanism. In my art I pay great attention to plot, composition and color. Participated in a large number of exhibitions: 7 personal exhibitions and more than 10 group exhibitions. Curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Chernihiv.


2001-2005 painting and graphic courses. Chernihiv.


2017 - Gogolfest (Kyiv)


Personal exhibitions: Chernihiv: 2005, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019
Kyiv: 2017