Xavier Bellante

Xavier Bellante

Hemet, CA, United States

About Xavier Bellante

I think contemporary art has lost it's edge. It's not new and exciting anymore. It's derivative and boring. Nothing new is happening in the world of painting. I am trying to change that, one person at a time, organically growing this style until nobody's satisfied with work that just looks good in natural light.

Until then, please, share it with someone else who loves art, inviting them into the family. Don't be afraid to expect more from your art. We as artists should be committed to advancing expression. I am. Let's go on the journey together.

Enjoy the art!


I've been painting for over 20 years. I began my study under Janet Cooling at San Diego State University. When I transferred to California State University Monterey Bay, I studied under Johanna Poethig and Lila Staples.

My work has been influenced by every professor who has taken the time to critique it, sometimes harshly, because it forces me to evolve and grow. So thanks for your advice and suggestions. I couldn't have done it without you.


I'm largely unknown. I've done a few shows and events over the years but I've never been successful. I'm getting out there now and actively seeking opportunities.


Sure, I would love to show at your gallery. I have tons of work that's been doing nothing for a long time. Let's get it out there!