Shan Shantiq

Shan Shantiq

Norwich Norfolk, East Anglia, United Kingdom

About Shan Shantiq

French Born (1958) painter/graphic artist and musician ☯ ☮ ☮ -- P.B.M.A.A.A [Petty Bourgeois Masquerading As An Artist]

Lived in UK most of my adult life ... I draw cartoon/illustration and paint expressionist portrait ● At the moment i tend to draw lines in pencil or fineliner ... as in music the instrument you use can dictate the outcome SOOO much ...] or marker on paper then photogragh and manipulate on free linux software like Gimp or draw with Inkscape or Gimp and do the same ; but the modalities of the work change and various media is used at different times : acrylic and or OIL ON CANVAS still a favourite.............. methods and media vary :]

● ... my areas of inspirations are in any order Picasso K Haring Matisse Basquiat Alex Katz Eric Fischl Edvard Munch VAN DONGEN Emil Nolde Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Messieurs Pierre Bonnard Jean Renoir Edgar Degas... Oskar Kokoschka .. August Macke Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Gabriele Münter Georges Rouault Paul Cezanne ●●●

● Love Portrait Oil on canvas the old-fashioned way ::::)))))))) do not believe the hype ; God[dess] not dead and neither is painting; they are one and the same ... Painting stills rocks and will do long after the last installation and video piece has long turned to dust ....

● Also love anything graphic-style altho see artists and designers as antithetic creatures; skills required often cancelling each other out
looseness v. order... abandon v. rules /counting/measuring ...

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Thanx Shan


Secondary Education in Paris/University of East Anglia/University of Nottingham

Autodidactic Art Education I study the masters as I go i learn from watching

i would rather find things out for myself Art is within or not worth the Journey,