Shhiv Singh

Shhiv Singh

New Delhi

About Shhiv Singh

From shapes to objects to vast expanse, both vibrant and desolate, from the literary, to the visuals, to that which can be heard or crafted, it is a life full of art. The culmination of beliefs and perceptions over a canvas in execution is cathartic, both pubic and private.

The journey of art begins from the moment the thought to the figment of an endpoint is imagined, traverses the length of execution and transcends into the sonorousness of the result. From the technicalities and efforts behind a method of madness till the luminosity of sheer talent, art is an interpolation in canvas of an all empowering palette.

As an artist, I explore almost constantly the relationship between human memories and thoughts and our lives. Are our lives a series of memories and thoughts or are our thoughts a cog in this giant machinery called life?

Colour, according to me, is the most vibrant thing in this universe and using free flowing whirls of colors against geometric patterns, I like breaking down the persona of a human being into its most basic form - Colour and Shape.

Fusing shapes together in this inner fight the perfect balance between inner chaos and peace and stability, the eventuality is an interpretation in its most raw form of human existence and its larger meaning.

People entwined in the tendrils of fate, bound by the epics of life, stilled singular, stilled spectacular in time, that's the purpose of my art. This journey of exploration and growth has just begun..."

Shhiv Singh was born in New Delhi, India, in the June of 1983 and soon thereafter moved to London, UK. Shhiv has studied at Central Saint Martins, London and also at Parsons School of Design, Paris. Currently based out of Paris, he works between Paris and New Delhi. His work has been highly acclaimed and is in several prominent collections internationally. Shhiv, himself an avid art collector, has buyers in top collectors across India and abroad.


Central Saint Martins School, London
London College of Printing, London
Parsons School of Design, Paris


Shhiv has exhibited all over the world and recently was invited to have a solo show at the India Art Fair held in New Delhi in 2013.