Anna Sidi-Yacoub

Anna Sidi-Yacoub

Tralee, Kerry, Ireland

About Anna Sidi-Yacoub

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The essence of her works resembles her childhood memories in summertime; the long hours spent on the turquoise beaches watching the vivid patterns occur on the waves from the sun’s rays while in the sea. Those memories began the inspiration for the “Reflections of Water” series, a number of original hand-shaped sculptures. Each new piece in this series is unique by containing countless individual patterns which cannot be replicated in the same way in the artwork’s process.
To depict the unique sculptures in greater detail; her works incorporate reflections of sun’s rays on the surface of sea portrayed by bright and light shapes that glimmer on the surface of the artwork. In the sea, the water is moved by the strong wind and currents. In the artworks, those natural movements are translated into the sculpture by the gentle bends and ripples created in the material. The pigments glow, shine and interact with the viewer’s eye from each angle just as the fluidity of the water would. The shapes and colors also change each time depending on where the sculpture is placed. Surrounded by different objects and colors, they will achieve their best look in open space areas when either direct sunshine or artificial light hit the surface thus reflecting the pigments.
The “Reflections of Water” sculptures are truly one time beauties, which can brighten up and add to the atmosphere of the space they are included in. These effortless pieces can’t be reproduced in the exact way, making them unique and original to each customer.


Designer / Engineer Architect.
I have accomplished different courses in Multimedia including a software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Video and Sound. Later on, I pursued my interest in Graphic Design and Web Design.



The Other Art fair London / UK - 19th -22 March 2020
Dublin Horse Show - RDS 9th-13th Aug 2017
Art Source - Dublin - 10th 13th November 2016.
Dublin Horse Show - RDS 20th-25th July 2016.
House Event in RDS Dublin House Event May 20, 2016 - May 22, 2016
Ideal Homes Spring 15-17 April 2016 Ideal Home April 15, 2016 - April 17, 2016
RDS Dublin / 13-15 November 2015 Art Source Nov. 13, 2015 - Nov. 15, 2015
Art Fair / 25-26 October Parallax Art Fair Oct. 24, 2015 - Oct. 25, 2015