sonia viccaro

sonia viccaro

Roma, Lazio, Italy

About sonia viccaro

I was born in Rome, .After having graduated from an art college in 1978, i began to work as a graphic artist in advertising.In 1981 i went to London, where i continued my studies in design and photography, and i began working as an art restorer. In 1986 I came back in Rome, where I have a dedication to painting, sculpture and photography. In my research, after a rigorous investigation of the real, has been followed a period where the recurring presenze of triangular or spherical forms,, also deriving from my graphic studies, trying to modify certain figure into a more different colours trough the same one, where the past fuses and confuse with the present. Further on, my research has gone often trough a dissolvetion of figures and lines, playing together the game of dinamic move. In other words,J like to see the shapes and figures around me, all the way possible. Nevertheless, jam interested in figuration as well,which j think cannot necesserly being separate from abstract form and viceversa. J thnk they can walk together, even if apparently different: just like past and present can do. Besides the old Masters,the artistic influences that somehow J feel closer to me, are those coming from "Cezanne" period first, to the abstract one. In particular the lyric poetic of Kandinskji and the Rotko wonderfull broadfields of color; from Rauscenberg to Warhol in America, ecc. More recently, the abstract research in the Roman enviroment, from the "50" to "70"es, with artist like Burri, Perilli, Pace, Festa, Schifano, ecc.Among all my teachers, J can mention Nunzio Bibbò, very good sculptor, and Paolo Eleuteri, very famous cartoonist.


1996 Diploma dipinti murali Scuola Colalucci via Cave Ardeatine Roma
1979 V° anno Integrativo V° Lceo Artistico via Lungro 1 Roma
1978 Diploma Maturità Artistica V° Lceo Artistico via Lungro Roma
1985 Certificate London Restoration Center Westbourne Grove London
1984 Certificate Caelt Gallery Westbourne Grove London
1983 Creative photography Polytecnic of Central London Regent Street London
1982 English Diplma Callan school Oxford Street London


Special recognition :"Laurea Honoris Causa"
from Accademia Internazionale dei Dioscuri 2017
Issued in the catalogo l'Elite" 2017 Selezione Arte
201Issued in Biancoscuro rivista d'arte n° 19
2018 "Veritàe Menzogna" 1917-2017 L'arte Contemporanea da Marc Chagall a oggi Arpinè Sevagian CAC; 2018 L'Arte nella Moda una lunga passione Ediz. IL Quadrato (MI); 2019 ATLANTE dell'ARTE CONTEMPORANEA Ediz.. DE AGOSTINI


1998 "Di donna in donna" Galleria Borghese Mentana Roma
1999 "Metropolismo apparente e valori" Galleria Tricromia Mentana Roma
2001 Finalista Concorso Massenzio x l'Arte Massenzio Arte Roma
2001 " Storie intriganti" Galleria l'Ermete Roma
2007 "Legami o Legàmi" Palazzo Cambiaso Savona
2008 "Colour is out of the box" Mitreo Museo x Arte Contemporanea Roma
2008 "Christo o Christy" Galleria Arte e Pensieri Roma
2009 Eydart studio gallery Gashen Indiana U.S.A
2009 Thaddeus gallery La Porte Indiana U.S.A
2010 "Metaforico Humano" Museo Maguncia Buenos Aires Argentina
2011 "Ultra Fines" maschio Angioino Napoli
2012 "Vis a Vis" Centro Culturale Borges Buenos Aires Argentina
2012 "Signos, Suenos & Colores" Centro Culturale Borges B.A Argentina
2013 "Subcutaneo" Teatro Coliseo Buenos Aires Argentina; 2016 The artbox project Spectrum Miami Art Basel, Miami, The artbox gallery, Zurich Switzerland
Accademia dei Dioscuri itinerant exibition "The italian masters of painting color" 2017 Art hotel central Sukhumvit Bangkok- Thailand (2-3 march 2017); 2017 The artbox project Art Basel , Basel- the Artbox gallery Zurich Switzerland

2017 Paviart ( 8-9 april ) modern and contemporary art fair "Liberementi Biancoscuro"
Palazzo delle esposizioni Pavia; 2017, Museo M.I.T.Torino collezione digitale;
2017/2018 "Il Mare Nomade dell'Arte" Forte San Salvatore di Messina, Messina, promoted by Ars Majer-Contemporanea in collaboration with the Hofnia Foundation of Xiamen2019 "Leonardo forever" Museo MIT Torino2019 "Visioni e confini" collettiva d'arte contemporanea Galleria Palazzo Nicolacci Noto (Me) 2019 3 paintings permanent collection Immagini Spazio Arte gallery Cremona (Italy)


2001 Galleria Massenzio Roma
2006 "La Fabbrica delle Armonie" Supper Club Roma
2008 "Linguaggi" Studio M.I.C. Roma
2008 "Sliding Colors" Galleria Arte e Pensieri Roma
2009 "Progetto Atelier" Stanze d'artista Halbornoz Palace Hotel Spoleto
2015 "Floating World" Galleria Arte e Pensieri Roma

Private collection in portraiture at Mexico City and Los Angeles
Pubblic collection at Halbornoz Palace Hotel Spoleto Italy