Frank Haseloff

Frank Haseloff

Concord, CA, United States

About Frank Haseloff

I am a photorealist painter. My paintings aren't just about details it's the stories that are in the details where hands that worked with tools or played with a toy or lived with and worked on a car, they leave a mark on these objects of a life lived and an object loved.


My art education has been cobbled together over the years. I searched out topics and information that I felt would advance my skills as an artist. I've engaged in classes and workshops from a State University to several community colleges to local adult education centers, online classes videos and books. This approach exposed me to many styles of art making and it has taken many years to get where I am now. What it all boils down to is getting to a place that you know yourself and that your art is being expressed authentically through you .For me photorealism best expresses how I see interpret and express my world.