Sophie Costa

Sophie Costa

Brindas, Lyon, France

About Sophie Costa

Born in 1967, self-taught painter, Sophie COSTA has devoted herself exclusively to painting since 2005.

Torn cardboards, newspaper pieces, everyday materials and objects build and nourish the artistic work of Sophie COSTA. Warm, nuanced colors, handwritten and graphic writing, and varied textures leave on the canvas like an imprint, an energetic and living materiality.

At the beginning, the work of A. Tapies and R. Rauschenberg, then came the action painting of Pollock and the pop universe of A. Warhol and finally, the trait of Cy Twombly and the street art of JonOne ... So many synthesized influences to offer a work open to an era, our era. Cinema, architecture, design, music also permeate his painting.

Sophie COSTA accumulates and organizes multiple elements to leave a trace, a testimony, as a wink. She questions herself, testifies, quiets, challenges ...

She tends to "give touch to the gaze", to "reinterpret the object, the everyday", to "materialize its reality".


Carré d'artiste New York SOHO (USA)
Carré d'artiste Paris Montmartre (FR)