Christopher Newton

Christopher Newton

Ban Chang, Rayong, Thailand

About Christopher Newton

I was born in the very beautiful town called Llandudno in North Wales. It's just across the Conway River were stands a huge 1,000 year old Norman Castle.

The scenery is spectacular to say the least

I grew up in Liverpool and worked there in engineering as a teenager and young man.

I then moved to The Wirral and lived there for over ten years

About 16 years ago I bought an incredible apartment here in Thailand and started a family. I now have two children aged nine and eleven.

We have a big UK style bar restaurant here where everyone goes to socialise.

There's lots of guys who work in the oil and gas industry. They're clever, witty and sociable. This is a very laid back fun lifestyle. Oh, and there's quite a few ex military guys. Oh and of course one or two gangsters. And that's just the expats.

I'm retired, so I have lots of spare time, but now I've started painting again and that's been a labour of love.

I don't take myself too seriously, and like to think I've a good sense of humour, and I hope that's reflected in my paintings. I do hope you like them, and then want to buy them ! Do leave a comment please. Something like "brilliant or superb" .... I'll be very happy with that !


Liverpool Collage of Art - Night school in the 1960's
Byrom Street Collage of Technology and numerous others. I became a draughtsman and technical illustrator

I was an Associate Member of the Inst. of Chemical Engineers.

Wide engineering background, machine shop work, lathes, millers, borers, welding and so on.

Then at sea in the engine room on steam turbines and diesels. While at sea, I went to Canada, The USA, New Zealand and all over South America from north to south

Then back ashore, I made special purpose custom machinery for many huge companies. Then as a buyer and then as a design draughtsman.

I then did a course on radio and electronics and worked top secret government projects.

I've worked on computers every day for about thirty years.

I've now retired and started a family, so I'm just as busy.

I don't know how I found the time to go to work all those years.

Started and run my own companies.
Car Sales & Recovery
Technical Recruitment.

I became a freelance contract draughtsman in my thirties and then started my own technical recruitment agency supplying a wide range of technical disciplines to design and construction companies.

I made a lot of money, and then attended a course ran by Manchester University on Psychology and Hypnosis, specialising in Sports Hypnosis and also to help addicts stop smoking cigarettes.


No events up to now ! So, I'm free if you want to organise one.

My phones never switched off. (Just in case Donald Trump, or Nigel Farage phones me)


Again, nothing worth mentioning here at the moment. But maybe I'll look into that !

Bangkok has a few exhibitions, but not the sort your thinking of ! (I know how YOUR mind works !)