Sriram Kuppuswamy

Sriram Kuppuswamy

Kolsås, Bærum, Norway

About Sriram Kuppuswamy

I am a self-taught artist born and raised in India although I now live and call Norway my home. My upbringing in India and the travel encounters I’ve hand in Norway and Europe are the greatest inspiration for my works. Being a self-taught artist, I have not followed any style, but I believe in evolving with every art I do. I started working with acrylics but later started painting with watercolors focusing on painting figurative and urbanscape in smaller affordable size. I recently began Oil painting with a still life series and en pleinair series with urbanscape. Everything I see around me in my daily life inspires and fuels my art. I capture daily life on my phone and then transform them into art with my own interpretation of the mood and colors. As an artist, I’d like to take everyone on the same journey I took, through my art and visualize walking the same streets I traveled, the people I came across, and the nature that inspired me.


A graduate in commerce


Bærums Verk Dag 2017, 2018 and 2019 - An open summer festival for artists and creative people

'Liberated' 2015 - An art exhibition for emerging artists - Chola Art Gallery, Chennai, India

Chennai Weekend Artists Art Show - An art exhibition by a group of weekend artists, Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai, India